Latest opinion poll on Saca and the 2009 elections

The latest public opinion poll published recently shows continued dissatisfaction with president Tony Saca. The poll was conducted by the Institute for the Study of Public Opinion at the University of Central America.

Saca's job approval rating is at 5.71 on a 10 point scale, down from 7.27 when he started his term three years ago. 38% believe Saca has governed well, 31% say he has governed poorly, and 31% neither well not poorly.

50.3% of respondents believe crime has increased during Saca's term, and 63.5% believe that the economoic situation has worsened. Despite the government's assertions that the economy is growing nicely, the majority of the Salvadoran population does not believe the economy is benefiting them.

If the 2009 elections were held today, respondents would vote:
For President --
ARENA 33.6%
FMLN 26.8%
Others 11.3%
No answer 28.3%

For National Assembly --
FMLN 28.9%
ARENA 28.7%

For local mayors --
ARENA 29.4%
FMLN 23.5%