Calm down

National elections are almost two years away in El Salvador, and yet the political parties are already readying their troops for battle. In fact, president Tony Saca has called for the party faithful of ARENA to be "nationalist soldiers" campaigning against the forces of the left.

As the rhetoric and the polarization mount, an editorial in El Faro calls for calm and a commitment to solving the country's problems:
The political forces are already shouting, intending to convince the electorate that their plan is the only path out for El Salvador, and so they have left behind that which is truly important, a convincing declaration of the party's commitment to democracy, to the construction of a national plan not a party plan, to insitutionality as a guaranty for all that the country will walk in an orderly fashion independent of who ends up being the winner [in the next elections]. That is what we urgently need -- not the strident sounds of ones who pretend to strengthen themselves by means of dumping on anything to the contrary.

There is still much time before the elections. It's necessary to make a call for calm to all the parties, to the public officials, and to the media. The country does not deserve to fall into an atmosphere of permanent tension during the next two years. Calm it. What we need most is peace. It's not going to be achieved by shaking flags from iron trenches, but by working together in order to find solutions. The political class, that exercises power from the different institutions of the State, ought to be a source of inspiration and hope and not the embodiment of futile confrontations. (any errors in translation are mine).


Anonymous said…
Fair enough.

El Faro one way or another try to calm the political moves of two parties, when it is the gobernment making openly the moves in the political arena.

Come on, you can not be serius!

We Watch TV and find that almost 80% of the programs (news mostly) are ultra right political oriented.

Acording to the constitution, Tony Saca, as president of El Salvador shouldn't involved in any electoral campaign, nor the public servant, however, you can see them with the party uniforms, such actitud breach the legalality of their mandate.

If any of the actual members of the other parties were involved in the same direction, have no doubt that the gobernment would actually take legal action to stop and punished them.

The goberment are actually acting irresponsibly.

As well as creating a distraction for the realities that we are facing, such as social problems, wich the gobernment do not care to solve.

High prices of oil, high prices of food, poor salaries, narcotrafic, are obviously forgotten, sudenly the goberment scape to the street to tell other story tales.

I'm fed up with ARENA parties, it's time to get rid of them!
Anonymous said…
Its not only Ksaka violating the constituition, so is the vicepresident, ministro de gobernacion, head of tribunal supremo electoral, by campaigning while holding positions. Though you know what, TIM? Arena has been campaigning for ever, it is part of their tactis you know complete and total marketing, specially with Ksaka that has only point in avor bieng a radio personality. You remember the multimillionaire campaing against FMLN for not approving the they loans they wanted to steal? Campaigning. Red Solidaria or all the damn freaking time Ksaka has to appear on news or radio cause he "did something", campainging...
Anonymous said…
There is a total disregard for any dignity in the electoral process in El Salvador. Such behavior gives a bad name to the common folk of the country, for everyone is painted with the same brush by the international media. The people of El Salvador deserve a break from all the propaganda and the government must govern to make the country a better place.