The road north

Debates about immigration reform in the US must always keep in mind that migrants are real people with families and hopes and dreams. One such life story is told by Debbie in The Story of Me I Didn't Know.

After I wrote this post, Armano directed me to this video tribute to Salvadoran migrants which he created:


El-Visitador said…
Heart wrenching.

Would that no-one had to ever leave their home, their family and country!
armano said…
Hi Tim, great subject, i'm a "mojado" myself and have prepared this video about such a cruel reallity. Please check it out!
Anonymous said…
When visiting El Salvador, I find that people are not advised of the dangers of getting to El Norte. No one ever hears of the people left to die in the desert or the terrible working and living conditions. The government and the media need to keep that from the people so that they will continue to travel north rather than demand fair work and wages at home.
Anonymous said…
Armano- what a beautiful video tribute. When I watch it I think of my many friends, some of them children, who have passed the same paths into the U.S.

One man I know had his foot cut off train-hopping in Mexico. Two of my good friends have been detained in Texas and one little neighbor two years old got measles duirng the journey and her health has never been the same. The dangers are real.