Anti-gang conference in El Salvador

Law enforcement officials held a two day conference in San Salvador to discuss methods for combating transnational gangs. An article describing the conference from WorldNetDaily does not really identify any new strategies or plans that the assembled officials have devised to deal with the problem.

One theme was the ability of the gangs to communicate with members throughout the world:

Members of Hispanic gangs such as MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang are mobile, both within the United States and back to their home countries.

"With the Internet and cell phones, the Hispanic gangs are now international gangs," he continued. "Gangs operate from prison and deportation simply returns the gang member back home, where gang membership just continues."

Several conference attendees mentioned that Hispanic gang members use to post personal information and brag about their exploits.

" is huge," Frank Flores, an LAPD detective in the Gang Information Division, told WND. "Gang members have to brag how bad they are. They create rooms in that require passwords, to make it hard for law enforcement to get in."


Unknown said…
The Ist International Anti-Gang Conference was held on February 21-23, 2005 in San Salvador, El Salvador organized and co-hosted by Harvey Alexander Smith, Honorary Consul of El Salvador and Ricardo Meneses, Director of El Salvador's National Civil Police.