State Department Human Rights Report for El Salvador

The US State Department has released its 2006 report on human rights conditions worldwide. The summary for El Salvador states:
Although the government generally respected the rights of its citizens, protection of human rights was undermined by widespread violent crime, including gang-related violence, impunity, and corruption. The most significant human rights problems included harsh, violent, and overcrowded prison conditions; lengthy pretrial detention; inefficiency and corruption in the judicial system; violence and discrimination against women; abuses against children, child labor, and forced child prostitution; trafficking in persons; discrimination against persons with disabilities; discrimination against indigenous persons; discrimination against persons based on sexual orientation; and lack of enforcement of labor rights.

Read the complete report on El Salvador here.


Anonymous said…
Once again, Gilberto Soto is refered to as a "foreign labor activist'--as if he were not Salvadoran by birth and a U.S. citizen by naturalization!

There are so many cases left out of here--Manzanares, Father Antonio Romero, Francisco & Jesus Carillo, etc.