Museums of San Salvador

In the past two days, I visited two museums in San Salvador. The first was the David Guzman National Anthrpology Museum. Once you go past the unimpressive entrance, you will find a very interesting collection of materials showing the evolution of Salvadoran culture beginning with indigenous cultures of the Mayans and other peoples. The museum is organized thematically, showing first the locations of human settlements in El Salvador, and then focusing on areas such as agriculture, religion, art, commerce and artisanship. There is a large collection of artifacts from archeological sites in the country. I recommend it to anyone visiting El Salvador.

Next was the Museum of Art of El Salvador. This museum has a small permanent exhibition devoted to Salvadoran painters of the twentieth century. It provides an overview of various trends in modern Salvadoran art, but omits, somewhat surprisingly to me, the painter Fernando Llort.

Photos from my visits:

David Guzman National Museum of Anthropology

El Salvador Museum of Art

The Problem of Urban Transport
by César Menéndez


Caesar said…
Dang I didn't even know about an art museum while I was there; I would have gone too.
Anonymous said…
have you been to the Museum de la Palabra? while i was in el salvador there were exhibits on Izalco, the massacre of 1832, Salvadoran customs, and the massacre of el Mozote. It was the most moving experience I had during my visit.