Deadbeat parents from El Salvador

This is an aspect of Salvadoran emigration to the US which you do not often read how about -- what happens if a parent stops providing support to children left behind in El Salvador? describes how the Salvadoran government is pursuing deadbeat parents:

The Salvadoran government is hunting down deadbeat parents who immigrated to the United States but failed to support the children they left behind.

Calling unpaid child support a problem that devastates families in the Central American nation, El Salvador recently became only the third country in the Americas -- after Canada and Costa Rica -- to sign a bilateral agreement with the United States aimed at collecting money from deadbeat parents.

Salvadoran officials hope that deadbeat parents might face serious consequences, such as deportation. They also are seizing property the parents own in their homeland and providing their names to immigration officials so they can be flagged if they try to re-enter El Salvador.

"They came here, they forgot their promises," said former New Jersey resident Esther Chavez, a Salvadoran immigrant who last week traveled to El Salvador to meet with women who were not getting child support. "They met someone else here, have more kids here and the family they left in El Salvador becomes abstract, not real."(more).