Salvadorans favor gun control

One of the measures for dealing with crime in El Salvador is the implementation of gun control. A recent poll by La Prensa Grafica and reported by Angus Reid, finds strong support for gun control in the country:
Many adults in El Salvador believe their country should institute tougher regulations for the use of weapons, according to a poll by LPG Datos published in La Prensa Gráfica. 69.2 per cent of respondents would forbid people from carrying firearms....

On Jan. 25, El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly approved the government’s proposal to introduce a new Arms Law that will allow the prohibition of firearms in certain places and times. The bill will become law only upon approval by the Defense Ministry and the regional governments of the areas where the measure would be implemented. The law would grant the president full power to dictate by decree when and where to ban the carrying of arms.


El-Visitador said…
Nice spin. But what about minorities' rights?

Same poll, same newspaper, same day, same article:

38.1% of those polled trust that a weapon can help save them from becoming victims of crime

Surely you would not want a minority of 2.6 million Salvadoreans to be left helplessly defenseless?

Or are minorities, all of the sudden, disposable?
Anonymous said…
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, visitador! you're funny!