D'Aubuisson resolution withdrawn

Protesters including human rights activists, families of death squad victims and others converged on El Salvador's National Assembly on Thursday to demonstrate against a resolution to name former major Roberto D'Aubuisson as a "son of highest merit" of the nation. Faced with the overwhelming backlash to this proposal, the government removed it from the legislative agenda. The NGO Human Rights Commission of El Salvador proposed that naming assassinated archbishop Oscar Romero as a "son of highest merit" would be a more appropriate step.

Samuel, a Salvadoran blogger, expressed his rejection of ARENA's celebration of D'Aubuisson in this video:


vee said…
What good news. I was greatly disturbed after reading the information here about d'Aubuisson and I am relieved to see that something was done about this issue.
Anonymous said…
Hey, what did expect when Tony Saca stold the office of the President of the Republic? Arena takes care of their own and are proud of the dirty deeds done by D'Aubusson death squards. Now they let the country be run by gangs! They don't even have to do anything themselves, as those criminals from the USA destroy El Salvador with endless violence!