Reflection on slaying of Lutheran pastors

If you were one of the readers of this blg who were impacted by the murder of Pastors Francisco and Jesus Carillo, you will want to read the reflection of Stephen Deal, ELCA missionary, at this link.


Hodad said…
Tim, as i am quite upset with the situation in ES and these killings of two fine people that only had heart for their own
i will say i have written a famous man in your hometwon about this
Mr. Garrison Keillor, of 'Prairie Home Companion' as he is very Lutheran, and his production manager got a long note, I hope he brings this up somehow on his show and the corruption in ES
and today I started my campaign against ES with the Black Caucus,Rep Jim Clyburn from the great state of SC and the news campaign will be on to bring this issue of ES and it's relation to the USA to the surface
and news blurbs to ALL the Universities here in Carolinas

I hope.....
the state department, and other congressman in regards to this Millineum account funds, 400 million dollars.
hey if this is to help alleviate poverty, then I want some of this money for my poor fishermen there and to help get rid of the Taiwanese and Spanish large longline and massive trawlers raping the seas off ES

I have also been notified
it will definitely be in the news in January, and the Charlotte Observer[a large circulation paper that bruings lots of Hispanic news to view] and others will be bringing it to the forefront so all USA taxpayers and citizens know what crap ARENAZI is and the rampant corruption and emergence of death squads in El Salvador

the crap in ES from these folks will stop next year
GUARANTEED and as i said, you canadian miners should leave today, for your health [fish bait]
due to my receiving of threats, my local FBI will be probably coming with me
we will see what happens

rock and roll

Viva El Frente
those assholes start killing priests, then there will definitely be new problems and conflicts