Iguanas of El Salvador

El Salvador is one of the largest breeders and exporters of iguanas in the world. La Prensa Grafica has a video at this link with scenes from iguana farms. Green iguanas are often imported from El Salvador as pets, but can also be raised for their meat. Visit the website of one iguana operation, Arauca, at www.iguanaselsalvador.com.


Hodad said…
excellent positive article on El Salvador
I have known John, one of the original breeders since 1996, nice guy, but a breed apart
thanks again
we used to get quite a bit of iguana meat in ES in the 80's, quite tasty BBQ'd, one of the better land based meats, and cheaper and more sustainable than chicken
nice to see a comeback on a positive future industry for ES

with all my problems, rants and threats, I will be back in January,
got folks depending on me, calling me, better to work put people to work than to bitch, keep on irregardless, right?

eat mo' fish

oh, we have seafood gift baskets anyone interested, lol
Salvi_Alchemist said…
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Salvi_Alchemist said…
When I went to El Salvador earlier this year the only garrobo I saw was a black charcoled one on a stick just outside of San Miguel. I was hoping to drop by and see a beach full of them but I didn't get the chance to check them out.