Ambassador visits Salvadoran troops in Iraq

Outgoing US Ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Barclay, travelled to Iraq on Christmas Eve to thank the 340 Salvadoran soldiers there for their service. Although public opinion polls show that as many as 80% of Salvadorans opppose the presence of their troops in Iraq, Tony Saca has recently approved commiting troops for another 12 months in that region. Salvadoran soldiers have worked on reconstruction projects in Iraq, and five Salvadoran soldiers have died during the conflict.


Anonymous said…
El comentario se parece al:

Se cree que soldados arrebataron miles de bebés y niños a sus familias durante operativos para eliminar simpatizantes de la guerrilla izquierdista durante el conflicto.
Anonymous said…
Rifles are intruments of destructions. For this very reason, is that I ask myself "exactly how can a killing-machine (soldiers) help in reconstruction?". Not even mentioning the humour thing, that "soldiers" are "reconstructing" things that the majority of them were previously destroyed by them and their predecessors (1st Gulf War, the abominal anti-life sanctions that killed thousands that came following said war along with the 8 year war against Iran).