Two years later -- questions remain over murder of Gilberto Soto

Two years after the November 2004 murder of US labor activist Gilberto Soto in El Salvador, questions remain about the murder and the subsequent police investigation. This week the Teamsters union in the US issued a press release urging US Secretary of Condoleeza Rice to pressure the Salvadoran government to reopen the investigation. The Salvadoran government has always contended that the murder was a family squabble, and not related to Soto's union activities, even though its prime suspect, Soto's mother-in-law, was acquitted at a trial in February 2006.

In response to a complaint by union organizations in El Salvador, on November 15 the International Labor Organization issued a report expressing concerns over the conduct of the investigation, and urging that the family and El Salvador's Human Rights Ombudswoman, Beatrice de Carillo, be given access to the investigation files.

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Anonymous said…

Gilberto Soto was very pro-FMLN, and a syndicalists. Now ask yourself, what where two fav. assassination targets for the death squads? syndicalists, and communists. Gilberto Soto is the perfect package. He was killed by ARENA-ANEP, who have a long standing hatred and anti-syndicalisation history, an allergy to collective treaties. Even now the OIT ratification was plagued with reform laws to render them inefficient, such as sydnciates are not able to form federations nor confederations... I should dig deeper into this.... but hey. Later.