Maybe if we don't report it, it does not exist

The Salvadoran government is no longer going to give out statistics about the number of homicides in the country. According to La Prensa Grafica, the Institute of Legal Medicine (medical examiner's office), the National Police and the Attorney General's office have all adopted policies of not releasing homicide statistics. Rodrigo Avila, head of the National Police, asserts that there was a competition among the media to divulge the statistics and the criminals to increase the statistics, and so information on the total number of murders will no longer be provided. Do they really think anyone believes this? The official silence comes from the government's realization that the ever-increasing toll of violent deaths illustrates the utter failure of the ARENA government's attempts to stop them.


Anonymous said…
They've realized that these statistics show their failures and expose the face of their regime, incapable of secure health, water, education, jobs and security to the population. This country is a "failed state". Therefore they censor these news, like the americans censor the deaths of their soldiers in Irak. Now, the universities should investigate recording deaths in the morgue. They should follow epidemiological methodologies and inform the country their results
Anonymous said…
Do they really think anyone believes this?

Oh! believe me! All of the right wing media will do their job to help ARENA achieve that purpose.

Please God or the devil, someboby help us save El Salvador from ARENA!!! It is hell!!!
Anonymous said…
Maybe... si no se le da tanta propaganda al terror con tanta foto sangrienta, entonces el mal se va ir opacando.
Que el sensacionalismo y el protagonismo de los autores: policia, asesinos y prensa, disminuya, ese es el objetivo.
Pero si te gusta que sigan saliendo las fotos, subscribirse a ´ALARMA´es lo mejor.
Anonymous said…
"Maybe... si no se le da tanta propaganda al terror con tanta foto sangrienta, entonces el mal se va ir opacando"

Esa es una falacia dicho con MUCHA INGENUIDAD-

Simplemente miremos el caso de Irak; alla los gringos controlan los medios de comunicacion, e inclusive le estan pagando a periodistas Iraquies para que hagan propaganda que contradiga la realidad de la guerra, pero no ha cambiado la violencia para nada, al contrario se ha intensificado a tal punto de comvertirse en una guerra civil.

Si no quieres ver tanta violencia, que el partido hijo de los escuadrones de la muerte no ha podido parar por inutiles BUENOS PARA NADA MAS QUE ROBAR Y ARRUINAR EL PAIS, simplemente CIERRA LOS OJOS y "veras" que ya no habra violencia, asi viviras en un "pais seguro", PERO DE FANTASIA. Eso es lo que ARENA quiere.. a ver cuantos bueyes se creen ESA PAJA BARATA, (cortina de humo).

Tambopaxi said…
This is outrageous and dangerous development. Assuming this is the official policy of the Government, it's indicative of alarming and deteriorating state of security affairs in the country. El Sal's always had a bad reputation re: per capita homicides (there's always been a competition between El Sal and Colombia for dubious distinction of being the most violent country (as defined by per capita homicides), but if this news is true, it's obvious admission from the Government that things are out of control - assuming they were to begin with. Uhy.
This fits in well with one of the most common complaints I heard from journalists while researching my dissertation/book: there is no right to information in El Salvador. Public officials treat all information as their private property. Back then (1999/2000), journalists constantly told me that El Salvador needed a U.S.-style FOIA law. (Since then, unfortunately, our government has stopped obeying ours!)

Hodad said…
Well this gringo is reporting it,
how it is and how it is going to be

Colombia is safer than ES now, it was 2 years ago, for me, from Cali to Bogota on bus, at night,without incidence, ummm
and the people are certainly nicer more educated, and more willing to 'do the right thing'

no mas ES, better Nicaragua, with Ortega than ES now,
unless there is radical change in ES
we will see in January what happens

I am alerting the Black Caucus of the House of Representatives of
my experiences and what I know of the corruption, the ineffectiveness in the Minister's offices, the Fiscalia crap, the Taiwan-Spain Mafia crap in the fishing industry, and more
they are quite interested and here in SC we have a Black Congressman
he will now be the minority Whip
[we spoke a bit, after the election last week]
after January we will see…..
especially with the ES attitude towards black people and what happened in 1847 and the writings in their constitution in regards, [amended only in 1992]
AND the ES attitude to most gringos is bad,I mean the ARENA fucks, the poor people are still nice, how they afford to eat now, I do not know
it is bad there now, but....
not my problemo or within my capacitance as a caring wanting to help gringo, anymore

so, they can leave from here in the Carolinas, by plane under federal marshal care if they are illegal.
bottom line if you are here illegal, you have to go
just as I would have to there in ES and be legal and have correct papers and especially in Mexico. another story with lost papers, corruption etc, the past 30 years in Mex, Mexico great without the Mexicans, we have always said

and it's time to start my deportation, it seems here locally, treat them as I have been treated, screw all who diagree, I am not a hypocritical Christian, too much of that here and in ES keep the people in FEAR, brrrrrrrr the end is coming Jesus will GET ya, pure ignorance

yes I am Buddhist,so what? revenge, and patience , so NOT SORRY

zapping them dropping them off at the local police stations , or just in the street, to be picked up of ALL Illegal Salvos here in the Carolinas, this IS an appropriate response, hey get rid of these gangs, loud, rude,, 10 to a house, drunk, drugged latinos. Right?
I have quite a posse of 'good ole boys' to assist
hahaha, too bad,

especially now with the death threats I have received from the mining goons, Pacific Rim and a guy named Mike Free in ES now, [due to my blogs and letters, and the info I have on my web sites of the true impact statement study] do not worry Free, folks in Canada gave me your picture, as you did not reply for my request to you for yours, hahaha. Be careful in ES pal
and the death threats from my former partners that have stolen from me,
(it seems. ARENA Club Campestre types, good ole boys, etc,) do not want to pay me, and the fiscalia, and attorneys in ES , do nada but of course, but they are scared to go one block in ERS for their treatment of ‘the people, they will see what happens in January, impudence, arrogance, greed, eventually your karma will catch up to you.
todos son vale verga,
(i will work on their visas and families visas here soon, let’s see if they were obtained LEGALLY? And….of these maybe also with the IRS help[my good ole boy surfer buddy, IRS supervisor here in Myrtle Beach, ummmmmm? And in their properties here in good ole USA]
not a happy gringo obviously, especially with the killings of 2 Lutheran priests the other day,
I also sent a note to NPR's Mr. Garrison Keillor in regards, listen next week or so on Prairie Home Companion about this killing, and the name ES is now making for itself in the press!!!

so Tim I take your advice at this time, not return
sure the mining companies can afford more guns, as you said , at this time,
but ES is ripe for another war, especially with 70% of the people saying enough is enough
my poor fishermen and friends calling and waiting for me, no way
I can get whacked for $20 bux by unknowns, of course MY Hommies would take care of all those concerned, as they will now, especially frinds in some unnamed barrios,
but not worth the risk, I still have more waves to ride and Nicaragua has more coast, and more people friendly government now, and I am invited there to work with the poor fishermen after January

The story continues another day, maybe MY BLOGS when I get the chance,
Viva Los Sandinistas
my experiences working with them in the 80's was only positive

ARENA needs to go down, but only when the hypocrisy in the drug business goes away and there greed is abated,
we will see in January, there will be LOTS of changes I assure you with the USA population and their attitude towards ARENA and ALL the other right wing assholes in Latinolandia
Cuidate but for travel ,for tourism for business, now I do not recommend El Salvador ask me mas tranquilo en Nicaragua,
no way
better Cuba even than ES
so guanacos, unless you want your water quality ruined forever, best to stop it NOW
do what you have to, but I doubt it, as Tim said, the right wingers have more guns, for now
Anonymous said…
" I assure you with the USA population and their attitude towards ARENA and ALL the other right wing assholes in Latinolandia"

Explain, please? IMO, USA is FILLED with the Cold War mentality crap, even now USA assisted in a 2002 coup against Chavez, and there were pans of "disappearing" him. So please, explain to me how USA will for once give a damn about the corrupt governments that US has sanctioned for decades? I call that a fairy tale... Either way, man. Even when I told you that any help to make El Salvador crash and burn as it was supposed to do in the 80s, if it weren't for terrorist USA giving millions in aid to the dictators/deathsquads/narcs/mafiosos/assassins/buitchers/rapists/genocidals
that rule our country AND STILL MANTAIN THAT HELP... But you know what, it is a DAMN pity that people like Francisco Flores, Alfredo Cristiani, Domenech, etc. you know the principal architects of ES's damnation are not even tolerated within your borders, but from Miami-LA they can MANAGE the narcotraffic-money laundery mafia with FULL USA KNOWELEDGE AND SUPPORT. What will you do about them?

The downside with you leaving, which hey I liked your plans of organizing the fisherman and engaging on mass sustainable fishing projects, is that all of that is lost... and you were the only person I know who isn't native from this cesspool that was protesting against the f!king Canadian Mafia that wants to come here to El Salvador, help on the totaling of the country, massacre thousands of people through water poisoning. Therefore, you being a foreigner and probably someone with contacts, you could be considered as a minor nuisance but with potential for buildup... As oppossed to all the damn natives here that either get bought, or the stinking government will gladly exaproipiate land and say good riddance to all the families that will suffer from the dams and the minings (yeah, Latin America in general sticks true to the Hollywood stereotypes, imo)... DAMN.

By the way, I just want to point out that Cuba is 100% better than El Salvador, Nicaragua (you know, it wouldn't surprise me if USA reactivated the Contras so brace yourself... Nicaragua could just turn into another Venezuela, with the narcs financing people to desastibilize the country)), Honduras, if ONLY USA stopped passively killing and endangering Cuban's with its embargo. Rid of that embargo would mean easier way to make business...

About Karma... Come on, man... Cosmic Justice, Divine Retribution is FROZEN IN TIME HERE. Just look at the amnesty law, look at the 17 years us dumb folks have been voting for the same party involved in CRIMES. You don't see anyone tasting justice. TOTAL IMPUNITY. It is to the point that they retire from this country and enjoy this life, and if there is a hell hey, they could care less they'll convert to Buddhism or anything that doesn't believe in such place where people are "punished" and ease any SHRED of guilt/worry they can have... But you see man, in a scum country like this what matters is EDUCATION. Screw the heart, if people were educated WE WOULD KNOW HOW TO MOBILIZE AGAINST THE MAFIAS THAT DESTROY US.

But yeah man... ISN'T IT DAMN STUPID that hell!!! the state of this country has reached were lots of people BELIEVE THAT THE ONLY WAY OUT IS ANOTHER WAR?! THAT IS WHAT THE HEART, THE EMOTIONS, THE RAGE AND INDIGNATION DO TO YOU! You only see sticks and stones! You know since the peace accords those MFs of ARENAZI-PCN could've abolished the army, use all that BURNT cash they use on such parasites to imrpove life quality of the population, educate the population... BUT NO, THEY CONTINUE TO BE THE DAMN BUZZARDS THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN AND ES IS JUST A HUGE CARCASS!

Speaking of blacks in ES... Tell the Black Caucus that ES is FILLED with "blacks" if you know what I mean. I mean, there were Africans here, mulattos, etc. But yeah, THEY ALONG WITH THE NATIVES THE MESTIZOS (the majority of the population) were ALL VICTIMS of prejudice and mistreatment by the damn colonos (creoles like ARENAZI). So yeah, I remember that the Excelentisimo Escuadronero General Martinez passed an anti-black law, because he was a fascist pig (he wanted to support the Axis in WWII, but after seeing them take a beating he decisted). Funnily enough, he was also a WITCHDOCTOR, there are tales of him making "potions" for sick people and that in SS after a chicken pox epidemic struck, he lined ss with red lights believing that would expel any "bad spirits". So yeah, Africans have been hated here because of our uneducation, or DARK SATANIC society filled with prejudice criole dominance, and because that idiot of Martinez believed that Africans had powerful voodoo magic. So anyway, tell the caucus that there are still blacks in ES, in spirit. The mestizos, who do ANYTHING to please their creole masters, even buthcer their own kin, but in the times of the colony were banned from even owning private property and where limited to being public servicemen, and the natives who REMAIN IN ESSENCE AS SLAVES! It was through their blood and sweat that those fatass ARENAZI got rich! It was thanks to their land that the military-guardia-policia hacienda that them mafiosos could expand their "fincas" to gazillion of manzanas and USE the ejected natives as "cheap labor"!

Gragh... To think that ARENAZI could've gotten what they deserved in the 80s if ONLY USA DIDN?T give the military their remesas (hahahaha)...

You know, now that I put some thought into it, it seems like the "hippie", Buddhist gringo has gone sour thanks to your experience in this nice country (it is expected...). YOU NEED MORE YOGA AND MEDITATION TO REPEL ALL THE BAD VIBES!

Btw, one last thing... ORGANIZE YOUR OWN POPULATION! Do you folks up north even care about all the monstrosities USA has done prior to WWII? All the interventions, destructions, acts of terroristm, sponsorship of terrorism, sanctioning of dictators, sabotages of democratically elected governments, all the deaths, all the enslavement, all the narcotrafficking... PUT A CONDOM in your own fascist government (let us accept this... USA=Fourth Reich). You know, I get a laugh when I see all those Minutemen and all, saying that USA is being invaded etc... Well, where were they in the 80's where all the popular movements erupted trying to CHANGE and IMRPOVE THE LIFE QUALITY OF THE MASSES SO PEOPLE COULD FINALLY HAVE A DYGNIFYING LIFE IN A COUNTRY CAPABLE OF SUSTAINING THEM?! Did they rebuke their own government for supporting the gangrenous systems that are responsible through their corruption and tyranny that Latin America engaged on its diaspora and STILL remain? You want no Latinos in LA, then wow...DEMAND US TO STOP SUPPORTING THE COUNTRIES THAT DO NOT FIGHT FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THEIR POPLE! Just look at Costa Rica, for example, the best Central American country... has BUNCH of Nicaraguan migrants sending remittances back to Nic to sustain their families! ABSURD! If Costa Rica could get out of the retrograde cesspool, then in theory everyone else has the possibility and we could if it weren't for ARENAZI, that in 17 years of power have proven to be only competent in destroying the country.

You know, it is surprising with how much the White House can its way with...

By the way, I know I'm just rambling... it seems like I'm like hodad at this point, letting all the bad vibes from this country get to me (really living in this place, if you let it, the situation this country is in can get to you...). But hey, could any of you folks living in USA confirm this piece of news?

EE.UU. reactiva entrenamiento de militares latinoamericanos - Friday, November 10, 2006 hora 10:38

(USA reactivates training of latinamerican soldiers... in other words School of the Americas Part II)

This is the type of behavior I mantain that USA citizens should stop their gov from doing...
Hodad said…
you are excellent sir,
I have not given up hope, yet...
I was part of groups that yes, sabotoged nuke plants, among other things
in the past these were
I live here in Myrtle Beach, and I hate it, bunch of rednecks
but my attitude is ALMOST, as long as they eat fish
not everyone here is fucked up, seems that way
but here in the South, you shoudl see it
90% obesity, what does that tell you about a person as a person
me me me, my my my
oh well, and do not get me started about the drug dealing Pharmacy rep doctors
another story
I I do get some reprieve, some justice, some settlement, I will be there
and I hope the miners are driven out, but seems the main purpose of that road is for the mining, I may be wrong
anyway, keep it up
I had a long solioquy for you, I may still publsih it
we will see
and I have to see what my home boys say are ready to do for me
I guess I will just use violence?
as the sytem does not work, and hey, everyone else does
whack em before they whack you
if I am at the beach, the fishermen will guard my ass, but sometimes you have to go to town
story continues......
Anonymous said…
After doing a small research I must correct my previous stance of USA citizens standing by letting the "White House-Corporation Mafia" devastate the entire world in their path for domination.

I searched for this remarkable person called Brian Willson, bothered to read deeper into the various "Veterans against the war(s)", found School of America's Watch, found the International Relations Center... You know, dive deeper into the anti-war, pacifist, or whatever you want to label them as orgs and movements in the USA. While I still believe the number of activists/protestors isn't really great, and actually believe that the corporate media ignores them all, this comes to me as a relief that not all of USA's population are zombies who dance under the tune of the Real Owners of USA, and that through their policies could care less the humanitarian costs of their actions (on either side).

Unfortunately, I believe that the large majority of the population is too doped not necessarily by faith (even when Christian Conservatives have huge driving force among the Republicans, and I'm sure among them they have their "Islam, religion of Satan, wants to conquer us all!" rallies among em), but false ideas of patriotism, a glorification of the military life, terrorized into submission, and brainwashed by the norths consumerist lifestyle. And of course, like here, the media has ample hand of keeping the population ignorant and with their propaganda help to perpetuate the "zombie" stage. But hey, it DOES COME as a relief that inside the diseased fat cow of the Fourth Reich there are people who haven't lost their humanity to that diabolical web of perdition.

Keep the fight on. May one day in the future we the people beat to death the devils that enslave us and globally spread misery...

BTW, unless you already knew: puño cerrado=Marxist salute. Sign of solidarity among all leftists, imo.