Lutheran Church clamors for justice

Following the cold-blooded murders of two of its much-beloved pastors, the Lutheran Church in El Salvador is clamoring for justice -- not just for those pastors, but for all who are afflicted by the wave of violence currently rolling over the country. Describing Francisco and Jesus Carillo as martyrs, the church vowed to continue its work on behalf of the poor. Read the statement of the church at this link.


Anonymous said…
La justicia viene de Dios, no crees?
Tim said…
Sí, pero creo que Dios quiere la justicia para su pueblo que vive en el mundo hoy. Necesitamos trabajar para la justicia en el mundo presente.
Anonymous said…
I spent some time in the fall of 1999 with this Jesus and Francisco. It was when I was on a study abroad in El Salvador then that I had the honor and privilege to meet Jesus, Francisco, Roxanna and Wilbur. They took my friend and me to their church and community, introduced us to their friends, and invited us into their home where they fed us and gave us a place to sleep. I was touched by their love, compassion, and committment to serve their community and build God's Kingdom in the present.

I mourn for the death of pastors Francisco and Jesus and am both sad and angry as I think about their lives being wrongfully taken away from their family, church and community.

When I think about their lives of service and their treatment of me and my friend, I am reminded of Jesus' words,

"for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me....just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me" (Matthew 25).

I have two pictures of their family. Everyone is beautiful. I will show these pictures and tell their story to my students, church, and community.

I can only imagine Jesus and Francisco inviting me to be a peacemaker in their absence.
Kent Siladi said…
I work with a church here in the U.S. which has had a 20 year partnership with this church. They are in shock about this news and deeply distressed that their partners have been murdered in this horrible way.
Basta de Casaca said…
If God wants justice for all, how can we get justice from a corrupt, lame duck, useless, liar, inmoral, and inhumane government like ARENA the political party which is descendent of the death squads in El Salvador?

Did you forget that ARENA built a monument to praise the pathological killer D'aubuisson?

Let's build a monument to praise Timothy McVeigh in the US, and let's see if americans like it, or even better, let's see if the families of his victimes like it...what would they say?

Lutheran Church clamors for justice? I'm sorry, but they'll be clamoring fot justice for a loooooooooong time. It's very sad.

Things will get even worse in El Salvador with ARENA in power. We need a regime change in order for us to see some justice done, and we need it now - we're late already.

Only when the FMLN is in power, we'll start to see some changes that our little country needs badly.

Of course the FMLN doesn't have a "magic wand" to solve every problem in the country, and especially now with all the chaos that ARENA has caused, but definitely the FMLN has a different agenda, and that's the only hope for salvadoreans now. With ARENA there isn't any hope; we already know what they're capable of doing: injustice, corruption, chaos, the collapse of a country like El Salvador.
Anonymous said…
In three years working in El Salvador as a missionar assigned to the Lutheran Church of El Salvador, I had the opportunity to get to know Francisco and Jesus de Carillo and their work as pastors in Jayaque. Their death is a really profound loss not just to the Lutheran church but, more importantly to the people of Jayaque. Francisco and Jesus were humble, compassionate, hard working, welcoming, committed to Jesus, to justice and peace. They were fine examples of leaders in the church of the poor as Romero imagined. We can only hope that what Monsignor Romero said about himself is also true in the case of Francisco and Jesus - "If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the Salvadoran people." If that were to happen, then their goof work, good example, sharing of good news would be reborn, perhaps even stronger in a community and a land that has, for too long, suffered under the oppression of a culture of violence which seeks to stop the voice of grace and actions of love.
Anonymous said…
IT has been one year since the senseless deaths of Francicso and Jesus and our pain has not subsided. Our church have a sister relationship with Pan de Vida church that has lasted over 20 years. We remain committed to the people of that church and the people of Jayaque. It is just a small way to keep the memory of our beloved friends, Francisco and Jesus. May God protect the people of El Salvador until they can realize the peace and justice that every human being deserves.