Campaign of support for head of Entre Amigos

There is currently a greeting card campaign to show solidarity with the head of Entre Amigos, an organization working in the GLBT community in El Salvador:
LONDON, November 20, 2006 – Amnesty International is encouraging people across the UK to send a message of solidarity to William Hernández – a gay activist in El Salvador who has received death threats apparently intended to deter him from campaigning – as Amnesty launches its annual Greetings Card Campaign.

William Hernández is the director of Asociación Entre Amigos (Between Friends Association) and he and other members of the organization have received death threats.

It is believed that these threats are attempts to prevent Hernández and his colleagues from providing sex education to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and also to discourage them to speak out against human rights violations against LGBT people.

Learn about how to send a card as part of this campaign here. You can also find links to other information about Entre Amigos at this blog post.