One year anniversary of Ilamatepec volcano eruption

One year ago today, the Ilamatepec volcano near Santa Ana erupted, spewing hot ash into the air and causing landslides of boiling mud. El Salvador's newspapers have online photo galleries to commemorate the event. La Prensa has two galleries, here and here, which show some of the damage to fincas near the summit of the volcano and other shots of the volcano as it is today. The pictures from El Diario de Hoy focus on the families who are still homeless, living in shelters including the gymnasium in Santa Ana.

The volcano has subsided to its normal level of activity and shows no more signs of additional eruptions. The Salvadoran government has installed new monitoring equipment to track any new seismic events. You can view satellite images of the volcano, prior to the eruption, on Google at this link.

The explosion of the volcano was the beginning of a week of calamity for El Salvador, as Tropical Storm Stan then inundated the country with floodwaters for the next several days, killing dozens and leaving almost 70,000 homeless.