More on the alleged assassination plot

Yesterday, there were press reports about a foiled plot to shoot down the presidential helicopter of Tony Saca. The Reuters report which I quoted listed the suspect as George Nayes, a Cuban-American who had reportedly been involved in recruiting Salvadorans to work in Iraq.

The Salvadoran press, names the suspect as George Nayor and/or George Nayes. He is described as a businessman who ran restaurants, including one known as "Karaoke George" and a gymnasium in San Salvador. The Salvadoran government is tying him to the Medellin drug cartel. Although some press reports describe Nayor/Nayes as a Cuban-American, others describe him as being an American of Lebanese descent. La Prensa describes him as the designer of two plazas in San Salvador, the plaza Palestina and the plaza Arafat which show solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Does it seem odd that a promoter of Palestinian causes who also provides recruits for the US war effort in Iraq? Perhaps not, since Tony Saca, a descendant of Palestinians does the same thing.

Never ones to miss a chance to smear the FMLN, El Diario de Hoy, asserts that Nayor was seen at the funeral of Schafik Handal. Although they acknowledge he has been seen at bars with people of the right and the left. The same report asserts that Nayor was a member of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle club known as the Renegades of El Salvador.

Saca portrays the plot as a conspiracy of all the evil in the world against him. He claims to not be surprised that narco-traffickers and international terrorists and Salvadoran gangs would be motivated to try and destabilize El Salvador. We can expect to see a greater militarization of the country to be justified by such perceived (or invented) threats.


Anonymous said…
I believe that what is going on, is that the DEA told Saca that El Salvador is plagued with corruption. That at the very least the ARENA mafia government should sacrifice some small fishes, or people that had international movement, like Pereira and Nayer.

If this so called assassination plot is true, I am sure that it is in retaliation for betraying the international narco-mafia, who are contributors of ARENA. It is something that would appear presipitated, just as when two Cristiani-related targets were bombed. But if you delve deeper, you'll see it is just part of the web of corruption, and sell-outing (to appear as a strong fighter against corruption, like Flores intended), to deviate attention elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
"A recruit in the Honduras camp told the AFP news agency that the instructor “explained to us that where we were going everyone would be our enemy, and we’d have to look at them that way, because they would want to kill us and the gringos too... So we’d have to be heartless when it was up to us to kill someone, even it was a child.”"

It is wonderful to see that the same brutal indoctrination that USA gave to Latin American troops to slaughter their own people is kept alive in Iraq...

" “In this country, we were taught to kill our own people, no matter if they were from your own blood. If your father was the enemy, you had to kill him. So the training we got during the war in our country served to make us one of the most violent gangs in the United States.”

Ernesto Miranda, AKA Smokey"

It would be interesting to get information on how does the Latin American death squad legacy operate in Iraq, where USA has "The Salvadoran Option" in effect.
Mogul said…
Me vale lo que diga Saca.
Ya sabemos que aprovecha cualquier situacion para hacer propaganda, o para acusar a la oposicion de toda su ineficiencia.

Pero por que no hablas Luterano, de la muerte del cura Romero.
Y la cual la Iglesia Luterana lo respaldo como martir?
Bonito ejemplo de una Iglesia que busca adeptos de la manera mas facil.