El Salvador video on YouTube

There are many videos from El Salvador on the YouTube video sharing site. Here is one. I plan on highlighting more videos in future posts.


Hodad said…
bleak video at first
at least it ends with some surfing
but i guess i need to make a more positive one,
when i get a chance
on the fishermen, when i get back
Anonymous said…
Hi Tim:
My name is Sandra, I'm a Salvadorean that lives in Bakersfied CA

I appreciate your interest in E.S, even if you didn't show the best of my country in this video, I don't know how much you know E.S but there are some pretty nice towns where you get the chance to see our customs, I liked that you said in the video that my people doesn't give up, that is always looking for something better, is true, my people is very hard working, gangs are a minority and they have existed only in the last years, when I was growing up over there none of that existed, "Mara" to me back then meant "A group of friends".

Next time if you go I suggest you to visit Playa San Blass, Costa Del Sol, hey I have some friends that have a rancho in Costa Azul, I could tell them to take you there, go visit Juayua, Ilobasco, Lago De Coatepeque etc.. so much to mention.

Oh how I miss my beautiful Pulgarcito!! I wish to go visit it soon.

My email: sndr_dmngz@yahoo.com

Salu Tim.