Chaparrastique volcano rumbles

El Salvador is a land of volcanoes, and one of them is rumbling. From the AP:
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador Authorities in El Salvador declared an alert on Tuesday for an area around the Chaparrastique volcano after the peak began rumbling ominously.

Interior Minister Rene Figueroa urged about 45,000 people who live within an area roughly 4 square kilometers (1.4 square miles) around the peak to be ready for a possible call for evacuations.

Seismologist Carlos Pullinger said the volcano had been experiencing relatively small, imperceptible tremors for days, but that in the last several hours had emitted 'continuous, abnormal vibrations.' Such vibrations are sometimes observed before an eruption.

The 2,129-meter (7,025-foot) volcano, located about 145 kilometers (90 miles) east of San Salvador, the capital, erupted in 1976. San Miguel, one of the country's largest cities, is located 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the volcano.


Anonymous said…
Valle de las Hamacas...

Earthquakes are so unpredictiable, and having dozens of volcanos isn't any good ;P. It is just matter of time for another eruption/earthquake.

The upside of this, is that due to them things El Salvador should be a good site for geothermal energy.

You know, I seriously how that volcano doesn't erupt or a earthquake comes, because knowing our government incompetence with dealing with natural hazards there will be many loses, and later on the families won't be assured a swift "recovery".