Filling the streets

Yesterday, September 15, Salvadorans celebrated 185 years since Central American countries won their independence from Spain. Parades and ceremonies filled streets and plazas in many parts of the country. El Diario de Hoy has a collection of images from all across the country here. La Prensa has pictures from San Salvador including the independence day parade and official ceremonies in Plaza La Libertad. When you review the pictures, you can't help but notice the decidedly militaristic feel to many of the ceremonies. For a country which has no external threats, there is a troubling glorification of the military in these pictures.

At the same time, bus service came to a complete stop in the eastern part of the country. Bus companies, protesting the government's inability to bring a stop to gangs demanding extortion payments for safe passage, simply refused to put buses on the streets of San Miguel and other cities. The back of pick-ups, trucks, and microbuses became the only way to get around for the majority of Salvadorans in that part of the country.


Anonymous said…
Being as blunt as possible... this country sucks ass.

If you think it is worrisome the militarlistic ambience of the Independance Celebtration... Just take a look at the army's budget:


How many new hospitals, improved education,equipment for police in forensics etc., how many housing estates for the poor and needy could've been built, how many of this could've been used to industrilize agriculture and educate the farmers, you know a REAL and FULL-BOWN land reform... in summary, how many good things, NEEDED things could've been done with this amount of cash?

It just infuriates me that this government still retains the darn hacienda mentality in which the Diabolical Retrograde Trinity keep power. And the people always the same peons.

So think about this, you posted long ago how the mafia government has deployed units to "monitor" rural oriental vecinities. More like raids. Estate of exception. Anti-Terror Law, and we are back to square one. Death squads, dictators... Even though that instead of having those punk-ass military officers raising to power every so often (coups after coups), the mafiosos in ARENA take turn becoming officially after electoral fraude the rulers of an ever increasing poor nation.

The reality of the matter, is that the military has done NOTHING GOOD for our country. In fact, those stupid idiots have been the nations #1 worst enemy, because they pulled the trigger, being capable of resisting the inhumane orders and intentions of their true leaders: oligarchs and foreigners.

Now, those punk veterans from this war are there complaining how they are forgotten/treated by the inpet, corrupt, retrograde system they fought for against humanity.

Truly speaking, if anyone should occupy center stage in this country is all the leftists in this country who have done more good to us, than 185 years of corrupt/weak hacienda style governments.

Anyway, mark my words. As horrible that the glorification of the military in this country is persistant, the most horrible thing is the prospect of a new fully militarized era. And now, the mafia is making sure it can reach rural areas to supress rebellions by building roads, expanding the military career to acquire more generals, and the raids and the fact that the army instead of being abolished is still the best financed institution in the country speaks volumes of the intention of militarizing El Salvador.

Either way, with all honesty, the country isn't independant, and gaining independance from "Spain" doesn't mean we earned independance from the dark retrograde society they left us as legacy, in fact it is thanks to that legacy than the country is DEPENDANT on endebtment, and remittances... which just go on to circulate on materialistic crap. It is a shame. That and the military ambience of Sept 15, is that I did not join the festivities. Because for starters the country is a huge hacienda, not a sovereign country. Not with the government we have.
Hodad said…
you are correct about 'the reality'
why does El Slvador even have or need a military, for what?
Honduras or Nicaragua,get real
military mentality is certainly part of the problem, but theyjust work for those that make the guns and bombs, and these industries need to be stopped all from USA
best to meditate and give forth love,peace, and understanding
as I have always said, thee rich assholes would have NADA w/o the poor folks

best to follow the teachings of Buddha, but then that is me, and then again, i just only want to surf,work a bit, and enjoy the life

when you put people to work, at least be nice to them, in Salvador, the lack of respect for your neighbor,friend and stranger is still evident,

as a gringo, I am in a different situation, and as my girlfriend noticed being there first time ever this summer, how the people were polite, not pushing and shoving in public, as in USA

so the heart does still rule in Salvador, it has to be practiced to one another not a military against their own people, !!!!???

for 106 million, that money would buy a lot of needed things in Salvador,
abolish the military
not needed,
it is all about the USA crap and the prevalent mentality there,
Peace [preferably,but we will see]
stop this mining
Anonymous said…
Ha, sometimes I have second thoughts, hodad.

Sometimes I believe that Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America should arm and make the most powerful coalition they can, because I believe it is just matter of time for USA to bend over the xenophobic sentiment that nests inside the country. For one, the Middle Eastern foreign policy is strictly shaped by the Israeli Lobby, the military-industry complex, the energy industry...

Point is, that I am 100% that White House purposefully let 9/11 happen. I am positive it was an inside job, just as Operation Northwood planned terrorist attacks upon American interests to instigate a war on Cuba. Anyway, it is abominable how the anti- Hispanic, black, muslim sentiment is raging in the Middle East, and seeing how the extreme Chirstian right is becoming more and more influential in the White House, I sometimes do believe that the world should brace itself to fight the unchained abomination that wants to break lose in USA...

Seriously, any day now... I'm waiting to see muslims being rounded up in the USA as the Japanese once were. Hispanics already are in some places...

Capitalism and money suck, those are the real roots of the problem. Politicians and military cash on our faiths and dumb ideas of patriotism to make a good buck.

Sorry for the rant.
Maa0930 said…
If this country sucks ass then leave.
its funny how you can criticize this country, but i'm sure your making AMERICAN DOLLARS! and getting AN AMERICAN EDUCATION! You cant get that in your beloved country now CAN YOU??
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