Economic news

Two pieces of economic news:

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved a $100 million loan to El Salvador. The loan will support the government's Solidarity Net poverty reduction program.

El Salvador is forecasting increased economic growth. Reuters reported that:
Economic growth in El Salvador will increase to about 4.5 percent in 2007 compared with 3.5 percent expected this year, the finance ministry said in a budget bill sent to Congress on Thursday.

The Central American nation's central bank predicted at the beginning of September that the economy would grow 3.5 percent in 2006. Gross domestic product rose 2.8 percent last year.


Anonymous said…
Creating new jobs, increasing the wages, and preventing stuff prices from increasing, educating the population, giving proper housing to the population... THAT is the way to reduce poverty.

The economy may grow... but we sure will remain indebted as hell, country being sustained by remittances, an a gaping abyss between rich and poor. And you know what? This country loves road building, because that is a way to launder money, and a way to inflate the GDP. Hell, about 2 thirds or so of the Millenium Account are destined to raod building, and road building has been the ONLY thing this crooked government has done.
Anonymous said…
Hey Tim. I am salvadorean living abroad, in the Middle East. There have been a few posts in some other salvadorean blogs that would deserve being heard by the foreign media.
Blogging seems to be the only way to express their critical thinking, in a safe way, but you can feel their frustration growing and growing.
Wouldn't it be nice to expose their comments to the media so they reach more people and create awareness?.
Anonymous said…
Wow! A Central American living in the "spiritual brother" region of the Middle East. Really, there are too many similarities between both regions, that I can only judge both as two of a kind.

Exactly where do you live? Lebanon, Qatar, Israel, or war-torn and betrayed Iraq?
Anonymous said…
Well, I live in UAE, and yes there are many similarities, however things seem to get done in a different way than in Central America. If El Salvador is "fijate que"-land, here it is "ensha'ala"-land. The real challenge is to be able to adapt to all the cultures living here: north americans, south-americans, west europeans, east europeans, africans, indians/pakis (vast majority), peninsular-arabs, mediterranean-arabs, far-easterns, it is quite interesting, fun and challenging.
Tim said…
I'm late in responding to the comment about other salvadorean blogs. What blogs would you like me to cover? Every two weeks I do a round up of topics which interest me for the web site Global Voices at
Anonymous said…
Soy un salvadoreno que emigro a usa hace 14 anos porque tenia suenos y miedo a la pobresa,la delincuecia,y la corrupcion ahora es cierto que el pais a mejorado pero mientra siga reinando la corrupcion la pobresa va a seguir creciendo porque puedendecir cualquier cosa y hacer numeros para ubicar al pais en una pocision economica ficticia. Pero lo que el pueblo quiere es dignidad y eso se da con EDUCACION,SALUD,SEGURIDAD, EMPLEO[MEJORES SALARIOS] BUENOS SERVICIOS PUBLICOS,VIVIENDAS DIGNAS Y BUENA INFORMACION SOBRE DECISIONES A TOMAR DE SUS SERVIDORES PUBLICOS. Asi es como se mide el crecimiemto ecomico de una nacion no diciendo crecimos un tanto % pero seguimos teniendo 3.m de pobres porque no tienen dignidad (or everything above)
Anonymous said…
Tim: I am a Salvadorean living abroad - I need some advice about where to advertise a property that my family has been trying to sell. Do you know of any organizations that are making investments in El Salvador - to create cooperatives or economic programs??? Please let me know- I was looking for something like this on line and came across your Blog. Thanks.
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