Death and tattoos

The Independent has an article today in its online edition about the gangs of El Salvador. The interviews with gang members are chilling. One new piece of information which is not good news for El Salvador:

Today, classified reports from the Salvadorean National Public Security Council reveal that, given their strategic geographical location between the Americas, the Central American gangs are planning to create a third force to compete with the Colombians and the Mexicans for the multibillion-dollar prize that is drug trafficking. Still more deaths are expected.


Anonymous said…
I am not sure it you can answer this for me or not, but here goes nothing. First a little history...My husband is from El Salvador and came to the US at age 14 in 1992 at the end of El Salvador's civil war. His family that was here did not file any papers for him to give him legal status. He then at 17 had some issue with INS and has 2 warrants for him. We married in 1998 and because of the warrants we unable to file the paperwork for me to help him become legal. My question is (finally) Do you think any of this current fighting and gang issue will spark another civil war and do you think amenisty (sp) will be available again??? We are praying that something will change so that he can become legal in the US but I would hate for it to be because of more problems in El Salvador. Thank you for your web-site it truely helps to keep me informed on my husbands home country.
Anonymous said…
To anonymous:

Are you asking God to "give" us another civil war, so your husband can stay in th US?

Why don't you go to El Salvador with your husband?

I think that will be the best for you two.
Tim said…
1. I hope there is not another civil war.

2. I hope the US adopts a guest worker program and path to legal status for undocumented persons in the country. That will depend on the outcome of the November elections in the US.
Anonymous said…
Heavens no I am not praying for another civil war!I think you took what I was asking the wrong way. When I said that I was praying for something to change I was meaning with the US government's policy on illegal immigrants. I have listened to my husbands story's of being drafted at 12 yrs old and other ordeals he was put through at such a young age. I want my husband to stay with me here in the US and he wants to stay also. If amenisty was available again for any reason I would see if he was eligible.
I am sorry if you thought that I was wanting another war or other problems in El Salvador that was and is not my prayer.
Anonymous said…
I will say, if this mining crap continues, there will be another type of war, believe it
i am ready to organize 6000 fishermen
against this minig, salvador is a small country
these mine canadian idiots need to leave NOW
especially after the pollution uncovered yesterday in Co-Latino
this pollution affects the future of fishing in El Salvador,and the quality of water
and probably not real hard to get the mara's to coincide on this issue
greed kills
Anonymous said…
Fish, fisherman, mines, pollution...

I know who you are, anonymous 3. Heh.

Anyways! Good luck in your mission! May man prevail over transnational predators!

Or let them come when finally El Salvador is a developed country, extremely well institutionalized, and the capacity to sue the respective assess of all mine companies that do not follow strictly anti-pollution mining protocols, and practice non-renewable mining.

Truth is, that those Canadian mafia want to come here because they see it as risk-free because people are in poverty, government is corrupt and worthless to the bone that dances for the buck.

Speaking of things. I seriously believe that your husband should try going to court and demonstrate that he actually fears for his life to return to El Salvador. With the 12 murders a day, and no sign of betterment thanks to the corrupt government that understaffs, unequips, unfinances the police, El Salvador will only become a more volatile place.

Either way, you can bet that things will only get worse. Non-material drugged people are getting sick of the country's current situation. Though to the new reform of the AFPs, I predict a massive revolt 3-5 years from now.
Hodad said…
if these mines are not stopped, it wil be less time when there will be new conflicts
with the Internet now, it is easier to get people organized
i have alerted Greenpeace, OXFAM, WWF, and many many other organizations in regards to this mine situation, and it will be fairly easy to organize the fishermen, I have already received threats, so,
let them mine elsewhere, and it seems ALL in Chalate are ready to stop it,
the politics will also change in USA this year, has to, peole are sick of those that profit off the guns and bombs and halliburton associated type corporations
peace is best, but as all know in this blog, how Guanacos express themselves, through violence
the "have not's" are getting tired of "the have's" it is about having a conscious and A HEART
Anonymous said…
I see how we all have concerns I was born in El Salvador and I have been in the us for a long time, so long that I have serve the US Army 82nd airborne Unit and proud of it if I can do it again I would but like all humans I made some choices in life none criminal but treated like one. How do we look at what we are askede to due. I have never asked for govement help but I feel like if i beg i would not be treated this way at this time??????????????/
Anonymous said…
I really hope there is no more civil wars again the mid '80s was really bad , alot of innocent people died children living in great fear, my children dad is from there, i live in Canada and he fled from there 85 and he told me stories and i guess watching it on tv is not the same, so i really hope nothing goes back to those years of danger.
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