Anti-terrorism law passed in El Salvador

The AP reports that El Salvador's National Assembly has passed an anti-terrorism bill:
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador El Salvador's congress on Friday approved a law that allows penalties of up to 86 years in jail for convicted terrorists, a measure opposition forces said was an attempt to repress dissent.

Legislators approved the law following a heated debate that extended into the early hours of Friday. It was strongly opposed by the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, which fought a 12-year civil war against the government that ended in 1992.

'We don't see this as an international measure,' said Front Rep. Sigifrido Reyes. 'What the right-wing government is doing is planning for a scenario of growing social conflicts, given that its strategy for creating jobs and attracting investments has failed.'

Reyes complained about the law's provision for anonymous witnesses, judges and undercover agents, calling it a 'terrible temptation for repressive actions of an authoritarian nature.'

'Authorities have the discretion to label anything as a terrorist act,' he said.

But Rep. Guillermo Avila of the governing Nationalist Republican Alliance said the law 'isn't about punishing those who disagree with the government; it is to punish criminals; it is against acts that cause fear and threaten the population.'

Alliance Rep. Guillermo Gallegos said the Front's opposition 'doesn't surprise us, because they were on the (U.S.) list of terrorist groups.'

The law spells out 27 acts of terrorism, including the adulteration of medicine, armed occupation of buildings or communities and terrorism-linked spy activities.

In some cases, the law establishes a penalty of 65 years in prison, a sentence that can be increased to 86 years if there are aggravating factors, such as the use of weapons of mass destruction. President Tony Saca must sign the law for it to take effect.


Anonymous said…
People recite US's list of terrorist organizations... as if it is of any worth, seeing how USA is a Terrorist State, the greatest supporter of international terrorism, the safehaven of terrorist and terrorist organizations (CIA). So really, USA list has no moral value.

"anonymous witnesses, undercover agents..."

I smell a rat, planting evidence, false testimony, false witnesses... ARENA the fascist scum is one step closer to establishing the military supported government of yesteryear...

God Save El Salvador...
Anonymous said…
I wish there were a way to disband PCN and PDC, they without of doubt are no longer independant parties, they do not represent their voters, they do not have the best interests of the country in mind... With PCN it shouldn't be a surprise they being the terrorist dictatorial governments of the past, but PDC no longer stands for Christian Democrat Part, they are just a bunch of sell-outs.
Basta de Casaca said…
How fucking stupid ARENA, PCN, & PDC are!! They passed this law without even defining what "terrorism" is!!

This could only happen in LA HACIENDA El Salvador!!

We are one step closer to civil war with this "anti-terror law" - "thank-you" ARENA, PCN, PDC.
Hodad said…
yep, sad day
hope you all read also El Faro for some truth
seems soon will be another conflict
sahme on them, and shame on the idiots here in USA for continuing the reighn of King Bush
revolution needs to come soon
people are tired of it
Anonymous said…
We needed this law --- BADLY. How about them apples!! you communists pigs!
Basta de Casaca said…
Real terrorists don't give a fuck about any law. It's stupid to believe that a stupid law will protect you from terrorism.

Real terrorists die while they kill many and they do it proudly.

In El Salvador, ARENA-PCN-PDC are the same shit, and they passed this law to intimidate and control people, because they know that soon there will be a violent uprising against the government for all its corruption, failures, repression, abuse of power, and specially fraud in the next presidential elections, which will trigger the insurrection.. they know it, and they are afraid of an insurrection..That's why they "needed this law BADLY".

This law is totally unconstitutional, because our constitution gives the people the right of insurrection as stated in article 87 of our constitution.

This stupid law will not stop the inevitable.
Anonymous said…
" Anonymous said...

We needed this law --- BADLY. How about them apples!! you communists pigs! "


Dude, give thanks to the leftists, or a punk like you would probably someone's peon in some hacienda, or cleaning someone's shoe in some park... Or worse, you'd be dead for having a good education and not being a servant to the oligarchs.

Man, USA DID brainwash the monkeys of Central America to perfection... Do you know what communism is? Or do you even know that all those who seak social equality, social justice, better standards of living aren't all communists?

It is thanks to people like you that El Salvador is doomed to stagnation...
Anonymous said…

There's no social equality. There's country in the world with social equality. Oh and by the way the law was modeled after cuba's anti-terror law. We cannot afford to let these communist parties do whatever they want in my country. Kill 2 police and injure 10 others who were not even armed with lethal weapons? What do you call that? Peaceful demonstrations? There are peaceful demonstrations and then there are the fmln demonstrations with sticks stones and destroying whatever infrastructure they can on their way. Enough is enough guys. I just don't write these things remotely I lived through all that. I'm not saying the government was and is always right but we have come a long way. Put that m-16 down let's talk our differences. If you refuse, we should be prepared for that too. This law was needed.
Anonymous said…
Singapur, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Switzernald... there is your share of equal, or at the very least not so abysmally classist and unequal as EL Salvador.

You know, people like to place the fmln for everything, well people without the fmln protest and burn busses, they do it because of the shitty administration, because of the shitty country we live in. The curious thing is, that people don't talk how ARENA pays hooligans to rough-up protests and commit vandalism.

By the way, regarding the police... if you are talking about the UES, the police had snipers all over the near buildings, a helicopter was flying on UES air space... and the shot and injured multiple students, and a teacher. And it was with live ammo, nothing peaceful about that.
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