National Day of Combat Against Dengue

The Ministry of Health made today a National Day of Combat Against Dengue. The mosquito-borne tropical illness has been particularly severe this year. According to statistics published in El Diario de Hoy, this year there have been 4,470 confirmed cases of classic dengue and 13,469 suspected cases compared to 3,527 confirmed and 7,350 cases suspected in the same period of 2005.

There have also been 146 confirmed cases of the more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever, compared to 94 cases in 2005. Two children have died.

Health workers, with assistance from forces from the army and police, have been engaged in a fumigation campaign to kill off the mosquitoes and their larva. Their efforts are concentrated in the departments of San Salvador, Sonsonante and La Libertad, which have been under a red health alert for the past week. 72 percent of the dengue cases in the country have been in those three departments.


Anonymous said…
There is no such thing as public health in El Salvador. The people are exposed to this problem because the government will not take real step to clean up areas where the problem starts. It is a problem for the poor and therefore is not a concern of the government.
Where is the FMLN in all of this. Why doesn't the party organize their members into a project to really help the poor?
Has the FMLN forgotten their roots? Now that the leaders are receiving a high wage while sitting in National Assembly, did they forget the struggle to get there? Have they forgotten the blood of thier fallen comrads?