Minimum wage increases

The government of El Salvador will be increasing the minimum wage in the country effective September 1. The minimum monthly wage varies by sector of the economy:

Retail and services$158.40$174.24

The minimum wage for each sector increased ten percent except in the maquila textile factories where there is only a 4% increase. The government asserts that the maquila industry is in too fragile a condition to support a larger increase. The large number of workers in the informal sectors of the economy do not have the protection of minimum wage laws.


Anonymous said…
I have to admit that about maquilas, seeing how when them companies outsource they ALWAYS seek the cheapest/productive labour in whatever country they want to establish. That is why it's been the fashion recently to translate all this junk to places like China, who just have the ability to beat everyone else on offering cheaper labour. So I do wonder if how sweat shops work, is it possible in any country to actually fight for good working conditions, and just payment to it's workers, without em slave drivers leaving the country because their "privileges" have been threatened.