Millennium Challenge Account questions

El Salvador is currently negotiating with the US Millennium Challenge Corporation to obtain a $440 million grant for poverty reduction and economic development. I previously wrote about El Salvador's application here. Now a recent item on the website of the Center for Global Development has raised questions about the relationship between the road building El Salvador wants to fund and poverty reduction:
Road to growth, but with poverty reduction? El Salvador is another road-dominated compact, namely a highway to the North Zone and a network of connecting roads. While in theory highways and rural roads can better connect the poor to growth--and infrastructure in developing countries has been under-funded over the last decade-- there is no evidence that El Salvador conducted a real poverty impact assessment that evaluates exactly who will be served, how many people will actually benefit, and if the roads will serve their needs (what kind of access is most important to the people it is designed to serve? Schools? Health facilities? Markets? And will the roads actually provide this connectivity?) There is some concern that those who will benefit most from the road system will be the big Canadian mining companies and other multinationals with interests in the area.


Anonymous said…
Road building is the biggest ways the government launders money. Always making deals with the same contractors, always "overspending", always building near winter so what they build is "washed out" so they get the chance to ask for more cash. And yes, I do believe that what the government really seeks with this road building is not to benefit the poor and needy disconnected--- but to help the multinationals, help the lotification process so companies would be able to build a new La Montaña or whatever up north.
Hodad said…
anonymous is correct
if mining is started in El Salvador, with the pollution it will cause the environment and certainly the fisheries. the streams and u;timately the seas,
GUARANTEED there will be a new war
not any doubt at all

and those in Canada that own them, BEWARE!


this crap needs to stop WORLDWIDE
why do the poor fishermen pay also 20% more for fuel, WHICH ONLY GOES TO FONVIAL?which is roads?
why is this not dealt with in the courts yet?
Peace, well... we will see
Carlos X. said…
Mining would be disastrous. In fact, the only thing that would be MORE disastrous would be the war that you ominously presage. It would solve nothing, and would be unwarranted.
Hodad said…
after being in the street and all over the country for the past 2 months, people are upset, and violence is how they express themselves,
sure war and violence would be bad, but if mining started, there will be serious problems for ALL those involved
just for gold, que loco
those that fail to remember the past are not remembering, ie. los conquistadores over gold,
this time the people will rule


go somewhere else,

if the arms race had not been more developed due to Reagan-Bush and their buddies,such as Halliburton, we would already be on the Moon and Mars, and ask what Helium 3 is about and how much of this planet's energy needs would be met with just a little of it from the moon

i am positive there will be no mining in El Salvador, whatever it takes; whatever it takes to stop it
but if it is started, there will be violence against those involved and the infrastructure, be sure of it

go to the central market and ask around, thet is where the pulse of the country is

they, the companies that want this,Canadians just need to go away,
then there will be no problems
real simple solution just go away
Carlos X. said…
The environmental and labor issues associated with the mining question are, in my view, minor skirmishes, even distractions. The larger question is the equity of the whole structure. Given the geopolitical and economical map of the globalized world, shouldn't El Salvador guard its natural resources jealously, and be wary of letting them slip away under private hands?
El-Visitador said…
"shouldn't El Salvador guard its natural resources jealously, and be wary of letting them slip away under private hands?"

OK... if we do not let private enterprise extract resources (for a fee plus taxes, as per current law)... who is supposed to extract the resources and create the jobs?

A government entity? You mean, like ANDA? Or perhaps you mean like CONCULTURA? Wait! Perhaps you mean like MARN!

Models of good stewardship, those.
Anonymous said…
Visitador HIPOCRITA!

MARN, ANDA, y CONCULTURA han sido embrutecidos por ARENA. Carlos Perla era ARENERO, el tonto Ministro del Medio Ambiente que cedio al Espino para construir un campo de GOLF, es de ARENA. No se a quien le queres meter paja, si aqui los que no se han dejado entumedecer el cerebro por ARENA y tu estilo de propaganda saben que ARENA ha hecho TODO LO POSIBLE para entorpecer la capacidad del estado EN FAVOR A LA PRIVATIZACION (asi como sabotiaron la reforma agraria, cosa que hoy sostienen como fracaso). Asi que llegamos al punto crucial de todo: si ARENA no estuviera en el poder la corrupcion del pais fuera bajo, el lave de dinero fuera bajo, se pudiera conjelar las cuentas de los corruptos procesarlos, y hacer algo por el pais. El pais pudiera verdaderamente institunaciolizarse y funcionar efectivamente.

Y mira, Suecia a sido un pais que se ha dedicado a la mineria y leñeria, pero lo a logrado mantener porque lo hace de forma renovable, de forma sostenible. No como los despotas de los canadienses, y los vende patrias de ARENA les gusta hacer.

El Salvador gracias a su salvajismo politico (ARENA-PCN), con los oligarcas al mando NUNCA VAMOS A LLEGAR A SER UN SINGAPUR, ni hacer cosas interesantes como estas:

-right of public access to the wilderness
-Dejar de depender de las fuentes historicas de economia del pais, fomentando nuevos ingresos como telecomunicaciones ingeneria, etc.
-tener un mecanismo bancario fuerte
-deshacernos de el sueldo minimo, con punto de que mas del 80% de la fuerza laboral esta syndicalizada y negocian el sueldo que les corresponde.
-no puede haber un 3% de desempleo
-no puede haber un fin a la desnutricion ni a la analfabetizacion.
-no puede haber un sistema de educacion competente que habilite a los ciudadanos para poder formar en un sistema progesivo y estable y ejercer en varias labores tecnologicas.

Carlos X. said…
If the argument is that the government cannot be trusted because its agencies have proven incompetent, then what is the argument for the private sector -- that they have already put TOO MUCH of El Salvador's resources in the hands of Salvadorans? That El Salvador long ago eradicated poverty thanks to all the free enterprise we've had?
El-Visitador said…
"thanks to all the free enterprise we've had?"

Days to incorporate a business in El Salvador = 40. To incorporate in Delaware: same day.

It costs 1.24 annual average incomes to incorporate in El Salvador. It costs 0.0016 annual average incomes to incorporate in the U.S.

Export license from El Salvador: 144 days. U.S.A=0 days.

Business climate in El Salvador: 76 out of 155 countries.

You seem to think ES is a free enterprise country. Methinks you are wrong.
Anonymous said…
Of course it isn't a free enterpirse country, you bigot. El Salvador is one of the most incompetent and burocratic countries in America, all thanks to the government that have been governing the country. Jesus, stop playing innocent, man. Everyone knows that the dictatorships/PCN and ARENA since the very past have established the system we have today in order to protect their national monopolies... Hahahaha, you complain about the incompetence of the state when the state has been under ARENA's authoritarian regime! You complain about El Salvador not being free enterprise when the damn government that rules for the oligarchies are the ones that stablished this close system of monopolies! It is a shame that thanks to the government that you idiotically support, if you really want free enterprise, it takes damn too long to put a business, damn too long to import/export, it is a true pain in the ass stablishing an mantaining a pequeña-mediana empresa! Why? Because the burocracy coupled with the monopoly of ARENA also make the private business in the country as INCOMPETENT AS THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT THAT THEY LEAD! Hell, not even with the TLC, because it was badly negotiated/implented, has it become easier to import medicines/foods! So, have a big $#&$&$, up yours.

Polycarpio was just being sarcastic, btw, you fool (it seems like you haven't noticed). He is basically saying that all the private reforms that ARENA has made have been FRUITLESS! So why even bother with that in the first place? Jesus, if ARENA didn't ruin the state organizations ANDA would've saved millions from corruption, MARN would actually be functioning in order to regulate the environment, all in all they'd finally be COMPETENT TO MANAGE THE COUNTRY!


To be a free enterprise nation, we first need to be away from the feudal period... We also need to have a functioning state to educate and care for it's people, we need an internal source of income, we need better planned infrastructure, we need to secure the city to attract foreign investment/tourism! All of this will NEVER be achieve with ARENA/PCN! It has never been achieved with them at all, not in 80 years not ever!

ARENA and PCN are such a paramount of incompetence and corruption... Jesus Christ. PAP of Singapur should come lecture all those wannabe politicians and business man (read monopolistic baboons that saved their assess against competition or else they'd be broke) that rule our country into being effective!

An effective state runs a country! An incompetent one (ARENA) just rapes it!
Hodad said…
read about what gold mining does to the environment in Indonesia and Brazil
you should see it from the air
and the chemicals used in extraction, these are realities, very bad pollution that affects water, and water is the most precious resource of all

the land can be used to grow crops,herbs,medicinal plants,
gold mining would change all that and El Salavador is a small country, it would be affected quite adversly
politics aside, gold for money and greed, is one thing, for electrical conduction principals another, now we have optical conductors, from silicone, sand

NO to mining in El Salvador
it would be disastrous

and true it does take time to get things done in the government in El Sal, just found out more incompetence in such ministers as MAG, but I will prevail,
yes i did have the first corporation in Salvador under the new laws, in 1975 I switched my corporation in USA to here , but really with no costs, just attorney fees, and it did not take 40 days;
as much as i dislike attorneys, they are needed in business as are a good accountant and a good import-export broker, let them do their job and just pay them
as an engineer, frees me up to 'work'
but this time i will also pressure my elected reps here in USA to put on some 'heat' if i run into slackness,incompetence and more bullshit from the government, this is 2006, no time for this type of crap,especially as I am importing FOOD at a lower cost to El salvador, where lower food costs are sorely needed

just lots of paperwork and all Latin countries LOVE their paperwork, this also creates jobs in the government, but it is necessary, not really good common sense, but it is the rules and regs,
but just best to be positive and just 'adelantar' and do it, bring a book when you go to the government offices, or pay a runner

as far as polycarpio, yes a 'war' would be disastrous, but it would be short, just long enough to let those even thinking of mining gold in El Salvador know that the land and water resources are worth a lot more than any gold that would be brought out of the ground,

sad to hear of El Espino though, i was wondering what bulldozers were doing in there,when i rode by the other day
shame as golf courses certainly contribute to pollution, i know from here in Myrtle Beach, but far less than a gold mine, golf is for idiots that do not surf and have no balls, but it is enjoyed by many, just the mentality that goes with the game is sad, knocking that ball getting out your agressions that way, thinking it is your bosses head, etc.
as Tiger sayz' it is a game for white men dressed as black pimps, lol

NO MINES in El Salvador
the people in Chalate, will never allow it, better believe it

Peace to all....
Anonymous said…
Visitador... TE CACHE!

"Pero la privatización tiene distintas caras y nos afecta de muchas maneras. Las trasnacionales manipulan los datos de la crisis para justificar el despojo y aumento de la privatización, culpando a la gente común, los campesinos y los servicios públicos por mal uso y administración. Por todo ello, es imprescindible construir nuestros propios mapas de la crisis y de los caminos para enfrentarla"

In my opinion the paragraph above describes to perfection ARENA's manipulation of the government to sponsor privatization.

1)State that there is a crisis and everything would be better if you privitaze

2)Blame the people and state services in order to sponsor privatization

Even when the link above concentrates on water, the same can be said about every state run service: education, health, water, electricity.

Manage an incompetent government on purpose, and then urge the nation the FALSE need to privitize. In El Salvador ARENA has it easy, because it's government consists of the business elites and landownders in coalition with PCN.

Carry on with an incompetent goverment that fails to equip and train it's police force, the will be incapacitated to respond against the increasing crimes. This leads to two things: the private security business (a jackpot in El Salvador), and create the illusion that there is a need to militarize the nation.

Top this with the proposal of PCN to stablish a regime of state of exception, and you completely militarize the nation. The corrupt goverment protects itself from any civilian actions and may proceed to freely privitze whatever services they want.

Add the proposed Cuban-Terrorist Law that ARENA wants to impulse... And you have FASCISM in the country. A country deadlocked to act against the government. Back to square one for El Salvador, allowing the business elites business without any oposition.

Visitador, you and ARENA are FASCIST SCUM!

Your plot to undermime this country's civil liberties by circumventing the constitution has been revealed!

ARENA and PCN desperately wish to lead El Salvador to their times of unquestionable authoritarian rulereship, by "lawfully" being able to clash down on any subversives (protestors, oposition with the pretext of mantaining the peace).

The government established the monopolies, anti-thesis of free enterprise, which ARENA plans to ether keep or cash on (La Constancia), stablished sweat-shop work. By making the goverment incompetent, you promote unrest, keep the people uneducated, sponsor privatizacion as a need, and most importantly do not prepare civilians to know and fight for their libierties.

Furthemore, with the legislative combo that ARENA impulsed with the supposed intention of ratifying the OIT treaties, ARENA ensures it's ability to manipulate and disband any and all syndicates that they consider a threat, with the excuse that they were not productive or were disturbing the peace. All of this without any judiciary repercucions.

By mass endebting El Salvador, you ensure that governamentally El Salvador won't be able to function even without the Oligarch regime, by ensuring that the country stays indebt and not counting with the capacity of aucquisition that it needs to nationalize services, nor much less be able to MODERNIZE it's state institutions!



Anyone that knows El Salvador