El Salvador approves labor conventions

El Salvador's National Assembly has unanimously ratified four conventions of the International Labor Organization regarding the right of workers in the public and private sectors to organize. The loss of favored trading privileges with the European Union was the pressure that finally overcame years of resistance to the international worker's rights provisions.

This is good for El Salvador as it regains access to the important European market, and good for Salvadoran workers who get additional rights written into law. Whether the rights will be respected is another question, but you can't enforce rights which are not first written into law.


El-Visitador said…
Canada has not signed ILO convention 98, and the USA has not signed ILO conventions 87 and 98.

Those two countries are pretty smart.

Yet El Salvador is extorted by the EU ---"thou shall sign 87 and 98, or else we'll tack an extra 20% duty on your products"

I must confess I am surprised some people are all out for *** economic imperialism ***.

And shame on the Europeans. Hypocritical imperialists.
Anonymous said…
"Hypocritical imperialists", says the fascist pig....

Do you know Tim that the ONLY reason said conventions were ratified "unanimously" was because ARENA-PCN-PDC (Axis of Evil) said that THEY WOULD NOT RATIFY THEM, UNLESS THERE WAS A REFORM TO THE CONSTITUTION and a REFORM TO SECONDARY LAWS. The result is: restricted movement (protests, etc.), essential services don't have the right of syndication (no mention what essential services is, probably: water, ISSS.), syndicates can not form federations nor confoderations, right to fire syndicate leaders or disband syndicates if these interfere with the productivity of the business.
Anonymous said…
The only reason why el-visitador is whining and comparing El Salvador to Canada/US were employees get tons of benefits, is because retrograde El Salvador ratifying said conventions THREATENS TO EMPOWER THE LABOR FORCE, and let them organize to combat more effectively against the FASCIST SCUM than rule our country.
Hodad said…
they needed to sign them,
so i pay less and have less problemos importing to UK and EU from El Salvador FOR ME!

get real, it is 2006, one planet

commerce must move on and the more intelligent markets are Europe,
not USA where 'cheap' is the rule
beware of ALL Chinese....
ask me been there 10 times

Canada and the USA are idiots anyway, they want it all
w/o signing any,
look at Kyoto; not signed by US or Canada!
read the stats of emissions now

greed and more greed and arrogance
19th in the world in education
the norm in US for kids is 'American Idol' or wanna be Paris Hilton types,

Ready to Rumble!
Viva La Gente

I want MY fishermen to make more, my factory in Pedregal I was told not to pay what I wanted to pay

a man's labour is worth at least $20 daily, 2 hours or 8 hrs. at least...

wake up folks.....
Anonymous said…
"I want MY fishermen to make more, my factory in Pedregal I was told not to pay what I wanted to pay"

Who told you to pay less? The government, because if so it wouldn't be the only time. And this exactly illustrates my point. USA may be some sick cash cow right now, but there at least people have grown to demand better work, or an end to indentured servitude (of it's citizens ;)) and slavery, but what do you have here? A population that isn't educated enough to run a port, manufacture electronics, do skilled jobs, lack of any kind of jobs so people migrate. So really, despite all US wrongs, al it's corportate mongering, layoffs, globalization outsourcing, it is still better than here, and with the retrograde scum that rule us.

Come on, look at the time it took us to ratify those conventions, and then double check to see that the retrogrades couldn't ratify them without first forming a net that nullifies or tampers said conventions. Them monopolistic retrogrades just want to keep the entire population in the easily exploitable peon state.

Seriously, on this new millenium of free enterpirse, and all, every and all governments should evolve and bee responsible with it's people, and make sure that every citizen get's the necessary capacitacion to be able to survive in the growing competitive world. ARENA is just a bunch of punk fascist that are the rich of the country because they've mismanaged an entire countyr to staunch it's growth. It is so sickening. Why else do everyone migrate?

Because here it is, enslave yourself, and barely managed to eat, but then in USA it is "slavery" with a hefty wage... If you are a citizen, and no jobs, you have welfare or unemployment insurance. Here? You are enslaved in your own country and once you have grown past your period of usage, you are disposable and forgettable.

One question, hodad, what type of fishing to you practicE? Is it environment-friendly sustainable fishing? I do hope so, because that exactly is the type of "commerce" and administration of resources this retrograde state needs.

BTW, EU are smart "market", after all, they contaminate and destroy the environemnts of other countries in order to enrich their markets, while preserving and protecting their own (Tanzania, hunger filled population, a destroyed lake thanks to the introduction of a foreign species, many many Europeans with a full stomach of "imported" fish).