A lost generation

The British paper, The Independent had this story about efforts to reunite children separated from their families during the Salvadoran civil war:
They represent a lost generation - thousands of children kidnapped by soldiers or otherwise separated from their parents during the bloody and chaotic civil war that tore apart El Salvador.

Many of them were later adopted and grew up in the United States and Europe, curious about their heritage but knowing nothing of their original families. Many thought their relatives were dead.

More than a decade after a ceasefire that ended the fighting, some of those children are discovering their birth families and learning about their past. A recently completed database established by the University of California Berkeley and an El Salvadorean group, Pro-Búsqueda, is allowing young El Salvadoreans trace their families and, if they choose, to make contact. (more)


Anonymous said…
I hate when people repeat "kidnapped by a soldier". Tim it was salvadoreans with and with out uniforms that robed, o whatever you can call children in the war.

many goverment officer make money of it.

Many guerrilla commander make money of it

Many social institutions, from outside, came as crazy to get abandoned kids and sending to Europe, Australia and USA.

Local "social institutions" made "calls" to solve many americans have a salvadorean kid

a soldier?

keep the game alive Tim!

Shame on you
Tim said…

Your comments point out the fact that because El Salvador's ruling elements refuse to look back, refuse to investigate the cases of missing and disappeared children, there are many unanswered questions. There are certainly children who were separated from their families for reasons other than kidnapping by armed forces, but it is also true that therer is much evidence that such kidnappings did occur.