Job approval ratings of Central American presidents

The CID-Gallup polling organization recently publicized job approval ratings of the seven presidents of Central America plus the Dominican Republic. In the public opinion study(PDF), Tony Saca had the second highest approval rating, with 48% of Salvadorans viewing his job performance as good or very good. He also had the third highest disapproval rating, with 28% of Salvadorans having a negative view of his performance on the job. This gap reflects the ongoing polarization of politics in the country.

The highest approval ratings were for president Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic. The lowest ratings went to Nicaraguan president Enrique Bolaños.


Anonymous said…
I am not so bright with numbers. But I do respect statistics.And yet I believe that as with all other surveys and ratings report, we have to exercise prudence . It is not the be-all and end-all and most of all, the Presidency is not a popularity contest. Many sound decisions are made that may seem very unpopular and many popular decisions are carried out which turned out to be useless. In the ultimate analysis,it is the visible results of the work being done that is the clear indicator of any successful office and not the opinion of the general public.It takes more than opinions to make a decision and to execute it.If decisions are made on the basis of what others say,whether that be positive or negative, there is not much of a conviction there of a leader. Opinions matter only to a point that it does not hinder the vision and mission of any endeavor that benefits the majority if not all.For the greater good so to speak. And that holds true in running a country.Whether the leader did good or not, that will be his or her legacy and history will treat that accordingly.

P.S. Tim: Thanks for the space and the welcome. Congrats to your own virtual community here.Way to go !