What Salvadoran bloggers are saying -- World Cup and d'Aubuisson

There is only one subject that almost all Salvadoran bloggers have mentioned recently -- the World Cup. Although El Salvador had no team in Germany, that did not matter as blogging fans noted the start of the great world tournament. Ligia at Que Joder has perhaps the best post (es) as she describes the deserted streets when the games are on TV, the necessity of always knowing the score in case someone asks you, and the positive feelings of everyone united in watching the world's favorite sport.

Similar feelings of fraternity are not generated by the newly inaugurated monument (es) to Roberto d'Aubuisson, founder of the ruling ARENA party. Following the Salvadoran civil war, the UN Truth Commission found d'Aubuisson to have been responsible for the 1980 murder of archbishop Oscar Romero. D'Aubuisson organized and directed deathsquads which killed thousands of civillians during the war years. The blogger Hunnapuh responds (es) to news of the monument with disdain and republishes an interview from 2005 with the sister of d'Aubuisson in which she laments her brother's involvement with Romero's assassination. Comments to the Hunnapuh post (es) and on Tim's El Salvador Blog show the depth of emotion which d'Aubuisson still stirs in the country.

A post in Inferno's Underground World (es) puts the monument to d'Aubuisson in perspective:
Now, for those who are bothered by [the monument] the wealthy have constructed, I say to you -- But what is a miserable post of cement near a multiplaza and a poorly paved street compared with the great quantity of monuments, statues, images, movies, etc. dedicated to Monseñor Romero? And even more important, the greatest monument that Monseñor left: his memory in each and every one of the hearts of the Salvadoran population. There is no monument that can compare with this.

Also posted to Global Voices.


Anonymous said…
Romero left more than memory, he left a call to action against the irresponsible and rampant hoarding of capital by the elite incumbants of El Salvador. Unfortunately, the economic losers (which includes almost the entire population) have never been and perhaps never will be able to organize enough effective political force in order to trigger real social progress. Case in point, by 2009 the ARENA party will have controlled the presidency for over 20 consecutive years. Sensible, intellectual, alternative forces simply don't exist or can not find the courage to lead "against the grain" as Romero did.
Hodad said…
I am 'en acuerdo/ [in accord][ with El Inferno
just a post, they have a right also
Viva La Gente
Inferno said…

I saw that u have read my post about D'abuisson's Plaza.

Well, i tried to consolate the people who are mad about this insult to the family members of the dead people during the civil war.

I like your blog and i'll add it to my Recommended link's list. I'm sorry for not to update it very often, but i will try to make some more time to write more posts.

Good luck and thank you for visit and comment my blog. Come and visit whenever u want.
Anonymous said…
all leftest trash-talk. seriously, you think el salvador hasn't had any progress? uh, have you seen the living conditions in hunduras? okay, so if youre no educated, el salvador isnt for you. the country is too small to sustain people who wish to make a living as farmers. for the rest of us educated people. el salvador is a flurishing nation.
Anonymous said…
La crisis social, economica, y politica en el salvador continuara indefinidamente. Las entindadades que buscan mejoramineto en estos sectores siempre recurrent a la violencia como la solucion. Romero jugo dos papeles simultaneos. Uno de pacifista y otro de revolucionario belicoso. Romero tanto como D'Aubuisson estan entre los pricipalmente responsables por mas de veinte anos de sangre derramada y el regresso de el salavador. Porque es que nadie menciona que muchos empresarios fueron asesinados injustificablememente por la estrema izquierda? Porque es que nadie mencional que la iglesia conducia asuntos paramilitares en pueblos y las selvas del pais?

Hasta cuando el pueblo salvadoreno va a abrir los ojos y realizar que la violencia enjendra violencia ...El salvadoreno tiene que parar de escuchar el mensaje corrupto y dejenerado de lideres como Romero y D'Aubuisson...entonces talvez habra esperanza.
Anonymous said…
My hat's off to the honduran people. Their society does not recur to violence to make changes...
It might be that some areas in honduras are not as exemplar compared to the US. However, this is systematic throughout latin america, except cuba where a so-called 'communist' government rules.
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