Bus fares may rise

The Salvadoran press reported today that the government may allow bus fares to rise to 30 cents from the current maximum of 25 cents on urban routes. The rising cost of diesel fuel, which is subsidized by the government for the bus lines, is forcing the fare increase. When bus companies acted unilaterally to raise fares last July, violent demonstrations broke out. Buses are the primary form of transportation for the poor in El Salvador, and a 20% increase in fares for persons who often make only a few dollars a day is a real hardship.


El-Visitador said…
The thing is, on June 2, 2006, Chávez of Venezuela was the only one who wanted to further restrict supply, and thus raise the price of oil.

Salvadoreans can thank Chavez next time they pay more for their bus fares.
Basta de Casaca said…
Chavez was the one who invaded Irak and Afghanistan causing the oil prices to go higher- right el-visitador???

Chavez is still selling oil to the world, specially the US, and he will continue to do so until Bush decides to invade Venezuela to take over the venezuelan oil.

But right now, high oil prices is just the begining of what's going to come; let's wait 'till they drop an atomic bomb in Iran, then we'll be really screwed-up.

So, the next time salvadorans pay higher prices for their bus fares, they can thank George Bush and his little brown-nose, the high schooler Tony Saca.
Anonymous said…

Your comments only reflect your hate for a system you can swallow, you are full of hate. Change your strategies if you want me to believe you are righ.

Chavez will end by his mistakes, not by a imaginary invassion.
Basta de Casaca said…
Mario Hernandez,

I don't need you to believe me, neither I'm I asking you to believe that I'm right, that's your problem. I have my convictions, and I achieved them by myself and not by propaganda in some stupid newspaper like El Diario "la paja" de Hoy.

I'm not full of hate, I've just opened my eyes and I'm not stupid anymore like many people who still believe in ARENA after 17 years of disgrace.

Why don't you give us your opinion about the new bus fares? ah! and what about the 14% increase in the electricity bill? all of that thanks to the "good administration and progress" that ARENA has brought to the country.

Let's see how you defend you stupid government, are you going to blame it on the FMLN like you little president does?
Anonymous said…

it is hate. Maybe something is in your past. Sorry about that man. Somebody screwed your life and you have not gotten a change to move on.

life is tough, people make great nations by doing real things.

Just bubbling make you a losser
Basta de Casaca said…
Mario Hernandez;

Playing psychologist is all you can do?

I don't need to defend myself from a psychologist wanna be.

Why don't you give a real opinion about the issue and stop wasting your time? that is only if you have an opinion at all!

Your writing tells who the loser is, learn to conjugate verbs in third person man!

Stop acting like a child and give us a grown man's opinion.
Tim said…
Mario and Samuel:

Stop the personal attacks on each other. Critique the ideas, but not the person. The tendency to demonize persons who disagree with you is part of the reason that politics in El Salvador is so polarized.
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