In search of an excellent cup of coffee

Salvadoran coffee farmers are currently participating in the Cup of Excellence program, in which judges search for fine gourmet coffees in various Latin American countries. In the first stage of the competition, a group of Salvadoran tasting judges or "cuppers" qualify a group of high quality coffees eligible to proceed to the second round where international judges come to El Salvador to select those coffees which will be awarded the "Cup of Excellence." The first stage was completed last week, and 49 coffee fincas qualified for the second round. Coffees which receive the prize can command a significant price premium in international auctions and raise the interest level of international buyers in that farm and the surrounding region. This is the fourth year that El Salvador has participated in the program.

From the Cup of Excellence web site:
How important is this award to a coffee farmer?

Winning farmers are exhilarated to be acknowledged for their dedication to quality. Not only is the farmer given a prestigious award during a national ceremony but 85% of the record prices at auction go back to the producers who deserve and need it. In addition the farmer is now recognized in the industry as being a quality producer. A winning farm and often the whole region can expect to receive future visits from roasters looking to buy more quality coffee for their companies. The positive impact on the quality of life for a winning farmer and his family is permanent as the auction money will often be spent on farm improvements or family education which can change their economic livelihood for the long term even if they do not win every year.

Who started the Cup of Excellence ® competition?

Cup of Excellence was started by a group of dedicated coffee connoisseurs who along with international governmental support and NGOs thought that a competition and auction was an effective way to recognize farmers monetarily for their hard work and effort. It is now known that in addition to this the discovery of unknown and yet phenomenal coffees creates an excitement among roasters and consumers that is unparalleled. As multiple coffee producing countries have joined the program they are sharing beneficial information with each other and the supporting roasters have created a kind of Cup of Excellence family


David said…
One thing I have to say is that El Salvador coffe is one of the bests coffes in the world, and all the people outside speaks very good about our coffe.

I was in Brazil last week and I tasted their coffe, and Brazilian coffe is not so good as our coffe, I felt very good to know that (because Brazil is one of the most coffe exporters in the world).

Bye, see u.
Hodad said…
and I may also attest to the fact that El Salvador has some of the 'THE BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD'.
not just beacuse I live there, and have even been in the test facilities of PROCAFE the organization that the esteemed Don Miguel Salavarria is Head of, but also having lived and traveled to many countries, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala. Indonesia, Thailand, Jamaicia, Mexico etc.
I know of small cafes in San Salvador that will set before you one of the finest cups of Cafe, you have ever had 'in your life'
no matter your age, ethnicicity, locale, gender, race, religion, or even the 'clima de sus pais'
Come to El Salvador, the smallest Country, with the "biggest Heart". and
por supuesto, un excelente cup of Joe (taza de Jose en Espanol)
{Con DIOS todo es posible)
Senor Pescado
Anonymous said…
Care to name a few of these "small cafes"?
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I recently visited Fincas Mauritania, Kilimanjaro and Los Alpes, in Santa Ana. It was a pleasure to meet Aida Battle who runs the 3 farms with such care and passion for the farmers and the land.

I invite you to view photographs of my visit at

Without any doubt, her coffee is truly one of the best coffees in the World.