Salvadoran immigrants march for immigration reform

The Washington, D.C. area is home to thousands of Salvadorans, with both legal and illegal immigration status. As 100,000 or more protesters marched in Washington yesterday to rally for immigration reform, many from El Salvador were among them. The Washington Post carries the story today of two Salvadoran immigrants, one legal and one not, who joined the rally:
Jose Martinez, an immigrant from El Salvador who was about to walk a mile to yesterday's rally on the Mall, wore a new T-shirt with an American flag on it that he bought from Sears. He wore a new red cap with an American eagle on it and was empty-handed only because the dollar store he likes to shop at was sold out of American flags....(more)


Hodad said…
Viva La Raza!
I have not had the pleasure of being to your beautiful county, only what I know through your people and Central American Politics (taught the right way, actually).

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