On vacation from blogging

Back in 10 days or so. Happy Easter.


Anonymous said…
oops! Vacations? ummm
enjoy them my friend.
Happy easter
Anonymous said…
On the article about the 8 econo-politically powerful business groups running the govt. and economy, very transparent.

Anyway, I believe in what the United States has been able to achieve through out its history,
and I believe in the manifest destiny. The key for any other nation to raise its standard of living and socio-economic and political stability is just that.
The belief that we are destined for greatness. The main resource of any community is its people.

The present conditions of all Latin America resides in the culture. If we can help transform the culture into a more passive, goal oriented, determined, self concious and generous one, at the same time lifting the productivity of all the people and properly managing all the resources the country has to offer, anything is possible. In other words, because of the proud samurai attitude the Japanese had when they took on the challenge of becoming a world power, they did manage to absorb the struggle and become a very successful world example for other nations.

The question is how to go about changing the attitudes, cultures, ideology, feelings, responses and minds of the Salvadoran people into one that can generate progressive change?

The govt. should be of the people, by the people and for the people.
but people have to realize this before they can acknowledge that it is a divine right to take a stand and make things happen. do not wait for the govt., for businesses, for relatives, but use your own brains and hands and scalate the ladder of self empowering actualization.