Review of San Salvador's mayoral election continues

As of late afternoon Tuesday, 48 hours after the polls closed, no one has officially been named the mayor of San Salvador. The FMLN yesterday called its supporters to rally in the city to celebrate the election of Violeta Menjivar. The scrutiny of the ballots is being conducted in the Radisson Hotel, and demonstrators are filling the street around the hotel.

I will round up commentary about the election in the next day or so. It is fair to say that ARENA made gains, particularly in elections for mayor throughout the country. But what increased the most was the political polarization in this already polarized country.


Anonymous said…
If in any given instance TSE declares Samayoa as mayor of San Salvador, WE all know that the TRUE VICTOR is Menjivar. It is astounding the amount of delay TSE to declare FMLN as the victor. Even yesterday night, TCS claimed that THEY had talked with sources that CONFIRMED Menjivar as the victor. It is appalling to see how despite the fraud emplyed by the right (i.e. minors given fake DUIs by Juventud Arenera to go vote, purchased votes, Guatemalan foreigners appearing to be eligible for voting, people voting in someone else's name) that FMLN still proved the victor. This delay comes to me as TSE's signing of their death warrant, because this silence is rather unsettling and if they announce as winner someone who WAS NOT "unofficially" declared the winner last night... the city will burst. I am sure. Walter Araujo should be removed from office, it wouldn't surprise me if in the ballots "impugnados" that TSE is unrightfully about to count, to equal as ARENA's victory. This thing of counting said ballots in front of the media is just a charade to try make look the process as "legit" or rather said as true... Anyway, if Menjivar doesn't win, there will be thousands of angry people I am sure. ARENA=PCN cuando le quitaron las elecciones a Duarte. History repeats itself.
Anonymous said…
BTW: I hope FMLN is wise enough to finance an international commision to investigate on this years elections, and even better the presidential elections (even when any proof of fraud of the past elections could already be disappeared). I hope the contact OEA or some other organization to oversee this investigation, because the majority of the country are tired with corruption running everywhere, and worst of all the impunity.
Anonymous said…
The previous poster is exactly right - the city will explode if Menjivar is not given her victory. I really dread to see what the backlash will be - does ARENA really want history to repeat itself so soon?
El-Visitador said…
I am distraught to see these comments. Either the system is dependable, in which case it makes sense to participate, electioneer, pundit, vote, etc., or it is not.

To come out and denounce the whole system because of one single electoral position is sad and cheapens every mayor, every assemblyman, and our democracy as a whole.

"WE all know that the TRUE VICTOR is Menjivar"

"the city will explode if Menjivar is not given her victory."