26th anniversary of martyrdom of Oscar Romero

On March 24, 1980, archbishop Oscar Romero was murdered while saying mass, a crime which remains unpunished. His example and love will never be forgotten in El Salvador. From the Religious Task Force on Central America web site:
In seeking to explain the real purpose, the motivation that animates the celebrations in El Salvador, the need of the poor to come together on March 24 each year, the editors of Letters to the Churches, a publication of the Central America University, write: 'Msgr. Romero remains alive and continues to be a real point of reference for many Salvadorans...He continues to offer hope, courage, inspiration, direction and dignity to those who suffer the most. His importance doesn't lie so much in the fact that he offers concrete solutions to contemporary problems but rather that his vision, attitude and fundamental commitment were based in the reality of El Salvador. When he spoke the truth clearly, fearlessly denounced atrocities, visited and accompanied the poor, he risked his own life and the name of his church in favor of a radical compassion. He had the ability to criticize clearly and forthrightly, everyone: the government, the United States, the FMLN, the Church. The memory of his ministry has left a legacy of light, hope, courage and consolation.'

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