Red Solidaria increases school enrollment

There are some initial indications of some very positive results of Red Solidaria, the Saca government's anti-poverty program. Under the program, poor families in the most poverty-stricken areas of the country receive $15 or $20 per month, provided they make sure children attend school and are enrolled in health clinics.

Both the conservative La Prensa Grafica and the left-leaning Diario CoLatino reported the impressive gains in school enrollment in the regions where Red Solidaria is in place. Enrollment has increased 19% over the year before, leaving schools with a shortage of space and teachers.


tony rochman said…
Finally there is some progress. How wonderful for those people. Still, the government can do a whole lot more for all of their people. A whole lot more. This means actually helping in a lot of different ways and not just posting the results of one single program for the positive public relation benefits the current government will get for the sake of guaranteeing an election victory. For example, the government still must address high gas prices, pollution, smog, sewage, garbage, etc.. Maybe one of these will be improved before the next, next election. FMLN for life.