Election analysis

With little more than four weeks to go before elections in El Salvador, the Salvadoran press is full of new public opinion polls and political analysis. First, a La Prensa Grafica poll presents additional evidence that the FMLN has pulled into a virtual tie with ARENA in races for mayor and assembly in the San Salvador area.

At the same time, however, a poll released by El Mundo finds that president Tony Saca's approval rating is climbing to a point where 76% of the population rates him favorably. El Mundo asked Salvadorans about a variety of personalities in the country. The top 5 approval ratings went to:
  • Tony Saca -- 76% favorable, 16% unfavorable
  • Ana Ligia de Saca (first lady) -- 69% favorable, 12% unfavorable
  • Rodrigo Avila (new head of PNC) -- 51% favorable,18% unfavorable
  • Oscar Ortiz (FMLN mayor of Santa Tecla) -- 34% favorable, 19% unfavorable
  • Carlos Rivas Zamora (mayor of San Salvador) -- 34% favorable, 24% unfavorable
A good source in English of background information about elections in El Salvadoran is this article by Angus Reid Consultants.

If you just can't get enough Salvadoran political news, the major newspapers have special sections devoted to election coverage. You can read (in Spanish) party platforms, look at campaign photos, and find the latest polling data. Those sites are:


Mysterious Me said…
Yesterday the Grafica had a great little layout of all the good work that USAID does..full of red, white and blue (ARENA colors) and Tony Saca shaking hands with all the right people. Can we say that ARENA is in bed with USAID? Just a guess on that one...with a hint of sarcasm!