Schafik's funeral

Crowds of more than 100,000 people filled the civic center of San Salvador for the funeral of Schafik Handal. The BBC reports that it was the largest such demonstration since perhaps the funeral of archbishop Oscar Romero. See photos of the day's events from Diario CoLatino and La Prensa Grafica.


Anonymous said…
I interviewed Shafik for a documentary film about the Jesuit murders of 1989 and was immensely impressed by his idealism, passion for justice, and honesty.

He will be missed by many in Central America and remembered as a man who helped make the peace after so many years of conflict he and his country endured.
Anonymous said…
I covered numerous demonstrations @ the ISSS from 96 to 2000 and took various fotos of Handal and Cerez Sanchez trying to mediate the situation.
This guy will be converted to Che and Jesus images on various micros and buses throughout Mejicanos, Soyapango, San Bartolo, etc.