The Salvadoran blogosphere

For those who read Spanish, there is a growing universe of blogs written by Salvadorans about life, culture, politics, etc. in their country.

Here is a partial list:

Hunnapuh - Commentarios -- This blog of commentary on the news and society is currently my favorite Salvadoran blog.

El Salvador visto por un Salvadoreño -- A blogger who writes under the name "Soy Salvadoreño" (I am Salvadoran).

Tribulaciones y asteriscos -- blog written by author Rafael Menjivar Ochoa, who recently published a book titled Tiempos de locura. El Salvador 1979-1981 (Times of Madness. El Salvador 1979-1981) .

Periodismo Cultural -- blog of Jasmine Campos dedicated to cultural activity in El Salvador.

El Salvador, o algo por el estilo -- In English, the blog title means "El Salvador, or something like that," a blog written by a university student filled with social commentary.

Tierra de collares -- Salvador Canjura covers a little bit of everything in this blog.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for these links!
Anonymous said…
Gracias Tim por el review. Mi blog "El Salvador visto por un Salvadoreno" ha recibido muchas visitas desde que lo revisó en el suyo. Leo con interes y frecuencia tambien su blog, siga adelante.
F.Soy Salvadoreño
Anonymous said…
El link correcto es "El Salvador visto por un Salvadoreño".

Saludos :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Is very important that blogs grows in El Salvador like alternative means of diffusion of the truth.
Also we read tim's blog.

We are fulfilling a 1 year the 7 of February.