Riding Tony Saca's coattails

If you read Spanish, some of the best commentary, delivered with wit and insight, is on the Hunnapuh blog. An example is yesterday's post with observations on the current election process. The blog notes since the start of the public electoral campaign for mayorships and the National Assembly, the candidates of ARENA have disappeared from the public airwaves. Instead, Tony Saca is everywhere, and ARENA is clearly trying to elect its people as the candidates of Tony Saca's party. Rather than have the electorate consider the qualifications of the actual candidates, ARENA is counting on the popularity of the president.


The Dunlaps said…
ARENA is everywhere on the airwaves, most ads featuring the popular Tony Saca. Newspaper articles in the major dailies, however, show lots of pictures of candidates making visits to various meetings in the country. One talk show on local TV also provides a forum for mayoral and legislative candidates. Coat-tail riding is a classic political strategy: you play to your strength. Excellent coverage on the passing of Schafik Handal.
Tim said…
Thanks for the insights, James, and keep on posting your comments on the campaign.