Political paint wars

A large sign advertising Sherwin Williams Paint hangs over the highway as you approach San Salvador from the airport. No doubt the sales are booming of Sherwin Williams paint in red, white and blue colors as El Salvador's election campaigns for mayors and legislators heat up. Although the elections are in March, it seems that every light post, highway barrier and curb is painted with the colors of the various political parties. And the layers of paint build up, as partisans of one party paint their colors over the colors of a rival. (Since ARENA's colors are blue, white and red, and the FMLN colors are red and white, the battle consists of painting over and re-painting the blue).

Based on my unscientific observations, ARENA is dominating the paint wars. The blue white and red of the ruling party is seen painted everywhere along the country's roads. The party of the rich and powerful evidently has a very large campaign budget for buying paint.


Anonymous said…
Not only is ARENA winning the paint war - even large rocks on the side of the road aren't safe from the spray can - but ARENA has bolstered their campaign wil teams of dyed blonde young girls in miniskirts on the side of the road waving the ARENA flag and chanting Patria Si! Communismo No! Blonde. Speaks volumes.
The Dunlaps said…
On a recent trip through La Libertad, I witnessed a large group of young people waving FMLN flags. Since I was driving, I couldn't check for miniskirts.