New polling numbers

The latest poll results for the upcoming March elections are out. The La Prensa Grafica poll shows ARENA continuing to lead, but its lead is down a few percentage points from December:

Mayoral races:

ARENA 25.9%
FMLN 15.1%
PCN 7.2 %
PDC 3.3%
Other 0.9%
47.6% undecided

Legislative races:

ARENA 26.6%
FMLN 17.2%
PCN 4.8%
PDC 2.2%
Others 0.7 %
48.5% undecided

As usual, "I don't know" and "I don't care" are the overwhelming responses, although La Prensa did report that 78% of those polled do plan to cast a ballot on March 12.

The poll took place before Schafik Handal's death, so the results do not reflect any movement much might arise from his death and leadership changes in the FMLN.