Latin American countries unite against US immigration proposals

Possible changes in US immigration policy have unified El Salvador and the other Central American countries and Mexico in opposition:
Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Colombia and Dominican Republic officials said that U.S. policymakers must accept the principle that immigrants, even those without visas, "are not, and should not be treated as criminals".

The one day meeting ended with a declaration demanding "“full protection of human rights"” and "“observance of labour legislation" for all migrants, regardless of their legal status. They urged the US to set up a guest worker programme and to give legal recognition to the millions of illegal migrants already inside its borders.

Read more details about the meeting of the foreign ministers here.


Anonymous said…
How can one enter a country illegally in violation of that country´s laws, and not be a criminal? If someone entered the countries sponsoring this declaration illegally, and were apprehended, they would definitely be considered criminals by these governments and treated accordingly. But for some reason they think the U.S. should not treat people crossing U.S. borders illegally in the same manner.