El Salvador Clean

El Salvador has a trash and litter problem, but a new government program wants to change that. Diario Colatino reports that "El Salvador limpio" or "El Salvador Clean" is the name of a new pilot project in the municipality of Cuscatancingo. The project is a prelude to a national campaign with a goal to make the country the cleanest in Central America. The campaign will try to raise the consciousness of the population of Cuscatancingo to put trash in its place, will locate trash receptacles throughout the community, and will attempt to increase sensitivity to issues of cleanliness.


Anonymous said…
Thanks-'TIM'(I am also a cheese-head) for this site.Since I am not a constant 'coment' person,one must say, you do have some good issues about this country,and the 'trash' clean up was intresting,as my fellow senior traveling-expert felt el salvador was possibly, a good place to live. He asked me to surf the web and see if i could find out anything.So far, it has been dissapointing.
We both are aware of the unsavory public dumping of 'trash' problems in central america,and If ANY of these countries ever solve this problem, then they will be the 'winners', regarding expats,who bring money-development-citizenship to the 'cleanest central america country'!
Just a side note; My friend recently went to Hawaii,and he wanted to live there,but was too expensive for his senior budget.The intresting comment,when he returned to california, was; "Hawaii was so-clean,and the streets-infrastructure were sparkling,everywhere I walked.In contrast to central america,it was
a no-brainer,when choosing a 'tropical' place to live." He went on to say that central america had trash areas-everywhere.