Today's news items

Various items of interest:
  • Many news sources carried the story of two would-be bank robbers who were caught when the tunnel they were digging into a San Salvador bank collapsed on them. All the news reports point out that the diggers were naked when captured, apparently because of the heat in the tunnel.

  • The toxic algae "red tide" has claimed one life and sickened a dozen or so other people. La Prensa Grafica ran several stories today about Salvadorans failing to heed the warnings about consuming shellfish. In 2001, a red tide lasted for 10 months off the coast of El Salvador.

  • The Saca administration introduced new anti-terrorism legislation. One provision of note is a new 30 year prison sentence for taking control of a public building. As written, the law would apply to the various demonstrations which have taken control of San Salvador's Metropolitan Cathedral to highlight grievances about one social problem or another.