Short news items

From around El Salvador:
  • Classes resumed at the University of El Salvador today as the administration and the demonstrators agreed to consultation about the proposed loan from the Interamerican Development Bank.

  • A red alert continues around the Ilamatepec volcano. Seismic activity remains at a heightened level, and so authorities maintain a 5 kilometer evacuation zone around the volcano.

  • The price of gas has been falling in El Salvador from its post-Hurricane Katrina highs. The price of regular gasoline is approximately $3 per gallon, reducing pressure on bus fares and other transportation costs.


Anonymous said…
Gas is still over $4 U.S. a gallon in Guatemala. The local papers attribute this to present inventories being purchased while prices were still high. Maybe so, but prices have fallen in both Mexico and El Salvador during the same time frame.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad that the protests of the demonstrators who took over the University were heard. I do hope that whatever negotations that come our way help to keep the university a source of education for every citizen of the country without care of socio-economic status. Huzzah for MAUES!