"Red tide" shuts down shellfish industry

A toxic algae bloom known as "red tide" hovers off the coast of El Salvador. Because of the toxin produced by red tide, El Salvador's agriculture ministry has temporarily banned the harvesting and sale of shellfish from the beds off El Salvador's Pacific shore. Thousands of families who earn their livelihood from the sale of shellfish will be impacted. The red tide has also been affecting the coasts of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Hodad said…
yes it is very bad for the people
Anonymous said…
A few days ago, I learned from the news that another person had died thanks to the "Red Tide", and I asked myself... why don't people learn to avoid seafood in times like this? Of the answer for this is more of a reflection of the country's state: lack of education, and lack of resources. I'm certain that a large percentage of the population have nothing more on their table than seafood or other limited resources.