Poll numbers show slight improvement for ARENA

In the most recent polling numbers, the ARENA party stopped its slide in voter preference for the upcoming 2006 legislative elections:

In this October poll, ARENA was up 3% from September and the FMLN was down 2%. Since the margin of error was 2.8%, that's not much of a change. The biggest number continues to be the 44% of Salvadorans who express no preference. As I have commented before, polls like this one are only good for measuring the hard core supporters of each party.

The poll did not measure support for the newly formed Democratic Revolutionary Front (FDR) party. The FDR was formed by dissident FMLN members. The group, —led by secretary-general Julio Hernandez, —must present 42,000 signatures to El Salvador'’s Electoral Tribunal before Nov. 11 in order to become officially registered.

Tony Saca's approval ratings continue to hover in the 60% range; much higher than the ratings of his ally George Bush.